1. Seattle Mike says

    Is he serious? Does he really think it’s pronounced “Chat-Roolay”? I’m hoping this is just a character he’s playing.

  2. Sean says

    What could possibly be the purpose of such an exercise? And chat-roolay? Really? I so hope he was joking when he said that, several times.

  3. Jeff says

    I’m glad he took the time to do this. It was interesting. I think he is a bit affected but nonetheless his heart was in the right place and in the end far more important.

  4. Mike says

    Just from the split-screen shot above the video, you can tell that “Timmy” is gay. How? Everything about him screams that he is not in any meaningful sense a man.

    – Female “icons” on the wall.

    – Overly styled hair with fake blond highlights.

    – Fat.

    – Head cocked to the side like a giggling schoolgirl.

    – Plucked eyebrows.

    Going to the video, the most notable thing is his voice, which is just slightly deeper than that of a normal female.

    Who told this man that he should act like a girl? Why does he inflict this on himself and the world? Someone needs to sit him down and remind him that gay men are actually, you know, men.

  5. ppp says

    @ Mike
    WOW. complete stereotype. there are lots of sissy straight boys out there like the one who you described.

  6. FFS says

    Rick, quit posting as sock puppets and go back to bed!

    This is a cute idea, but I’m pretty sure using a platform that really only still exists as a vehicle for dudes to find other dudes to flog the dolphin with over c2c to conduct a poll of the general population’s feelings about gay stuff is the very definition of “skewed sample.”