1. George F says

    This is important news…money is needed to fight against homophobia around the world..I wish this got more attention from mainstream news sites…


  2. Mike says

    Shame on them for allowing Masha Gessen on that panel. I understand that they needed a Russian, but this is the woman who trashed the marriage equality last year, making wild claims that were quickly picked up by the Christian press and used against gay families. Gesson is a self-described “queer” activist, and like most “queer” activists and “queer” theorists, she regularly makes statements which are anti-gay, albeit dressed up in progressive verbiage. Now that the sh#t has hit the fan in Russia, she is frantically trying to drop her “queer” persona and recast herself as a good old fashioned lesbian. Unless she apologizes, I say to hell with her.

  3. RexT says

    Excellent conversation, and exactly the work necessary in order to create impact globally. The underlying reference to ‘ignorance’ of populations, easily influenced by others (American ‘religious’ based individuals and organizations) not only holds back progress, but turn back progress. Holding an event like this, in the midst of the major event which is Davos, will create a place at the big table in the near future. As it must. It’s easy to find fault with the workings of the world, events like Davos, exclusive conversations. Our being represented, and connect within is exactly how progress moves not only faster, but more firmly rooted in solid ground.

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