Who Is The Next ‘American Horror Story’ Supreme?


It all comes down to this. American Horror Story's most cohesive, stylish and fabulous season ends tonight.  As has become the norm on Horror Story, the finale is bound to have a sizable body count. But in addition to who makes it out alive, viewers are just as eager to know the answer to one very important question:

Who is the next Supreme?

We've known for a while that Jessica Lange's chic Head Witch In Charge, Fiona, was at the end of her reign, but the list of her potential replacements seemed to grow each week (no matter how many times she tried to kill them). We'll find out who's going to lead the coven tonight when four students at Miss Robichaux's Academy For Exceptional Young Ladies attempt to perform the requisite Seven Wonders, but that doesn't stop us from speculating.

See our breakdown of potential Supremes, from least likely to most likely, and share yours, AFTER THE JUMP ...


Nan (Jamie Brewer)
Our Take: You guys, Nan is dead. She's really dead. Not only is she dead, but she's also in Papa Legba's clutches. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn't let souls go too easily. Yes, people love Nan, but, seriously, she's really dead. Drop it.
Why We Might Be Wrong: Because even when a character should absolutely, positively be dead on this show, they find a way to bring them back.



Madison (Emma Roberts)
Our Take: Though Madison became one of our favorite characters this season (which is saying something in the company of Lange's Fiona, Kathy Bates' LaLaurie and Angela Bassett's Laveau), she just hasn't had the development for this to make sense. In terms of story, how does Madison grow by, once again, getting to be the star?
Why We Might Be Wrong: Madison's already manifested a few of the Seven Wonders, and her once cavalier attitude has been focused into a ruthless determination. She's certainly a fitting replacement for Fiona's brand of self-absorbed Supreme.



Misty (Lily Rabe)
Our Take: Misty Day's story has always been about finding her community. She's found that community in the coven, regardless of who is in charge. Her story comes to a satisfying end even if she just moves her shawl collection full-time into Miss Robichaux's.
Why We Might Be Wrong: Misty's also been historically underestimated. She's not just some swamp rat. If she were to become the next Supreme, it would certainly show all the haters (*cough*Madison*cough*) how wrong they were about her.



Zoe (Taissa Farmiga)
Our Take: This may be personal bias, but Zoe has been consistently the flattest, least interesting character on this show. Her story has been more about Kyle than the coven, so we anticipate her finale will be more about her undead love.
Why We Might Be Wrong: In the very beginning, we were introduced to Zoe as a — if not the — central character to the story. We've also had several instances where it's been hinted that there's something bigger in store for Zoe (like when she fended off a yard full of Voodoo zombies).



Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe)
Our Take: Queenie's growth has largely been wrapped up in her relationships with LaLaurie and Laveau. Now that they're gone, it feels like Queenie had her chance to get closure in last week's episode.
Why We Might Be Wrong: The penultimate episode of this season certainly strongly suggested Queenie could be the next Supreme. Like Misty, Queenie has been undervalued and suffered low self-esteem. If she were to become the new Supreme, it would prove both Laveau and LaLaurie wrong about her ability to be accepted as a Salem witch, and she would unify the coven with the Voodoo sect.



Cordelia (Sarah Paulson)
Our Take: Before this season started, Ryan Murphy said Coven was all about mothers and daughters. Who better to take the mantle than the daughter Fiona routinely criticized for being so weak?
Why We Might Be Wrong: There's been almost no indication that Cordelia is even in the running for the next Supreme. We haven't seen her perform any of the Seven Wonders, and she has shown no interest in assuming the role.



Myrtle (Frances Conroy)
Our Take: Hear us out! Isn't it just a little strange that Cordelia lost her second sight when Myrtle gave her the new eyeballs? And she was a little too eager to get Zoe out of Miss Robichaux's with those bus tickets. Also, while we learned it wasn't Myrtle who threw acid in Cordelia's face, she was in town plotting to do something to step out of Fiona's shadow.
Why We Might Be Wrong: It's almost too good to be true.


Coven_lange (1)

Fiona (Jessica Lange)
Our Take: We're not sure if Ryan Murphy agrees, but we believe if you see a vision of the future, usually any attempts to avoid that outcome only ensures that it happens. Don't be surprised if the last we see of Coven is a very alive Fiona snatching that necklace right back off Cordelia's cold, dead neck. Plus, you think that Axeman could really take her? Witch, please.
Why We Might Be Wrong: As amazing as she may be, there is the chance we might actually have to say goodbye to Fiona, for good.

What do you think? Who is your pick for the next Supreme?