1. HadenoughBS says

    At least Mr. Williams could act happy about his Christmas gift!!! (She’s the best)

  2. Continuum says

    It’s nice that she bought him a house.

    But, this reminds me of the CBS series “Undercover Boss” where the multi-millionaire boss gives one of his employees $10,000 or pays for some kind of surgery.

    It always seems to me, that instead of a one time over generous gift, that the boss should be paying a living wage and have decent health care for the employees.

    Ross Perot did the same kind thing with once in a while generous offers. Meanwhile, for 99% of the other time, EDS workers were treated as slaves.

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Continuum – My first thought was, “Is he getting paid enough to keep up on the taxes and insurance?” Getting a nice home is fine, but losing it because of the tax bill would be tragic.

  4. THurts says

    They have been best friends since grade school. I would have done the same thing for my best friend. He is hetero and would have reacted the same way…LOL. This made me smile this morning.

  5. Sam says

    How much do you people think taxes on a house are? Or do you really think if she was going to buy him a house, she is paying him so little he couldn’t afford the taxes? Those are odd observations to even make. You folks are weird.

  6. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Sam – Most of us live in the mundane world and have to worry about taxes, insurance and other mandatory costs every day of our lives.

  7. AlexBH says

    @Gregory – but almost certainly taxes plus insurance without a mortgage is going to be much less than whatever rent would be – even if he is renting in a much less desirable place (plus he has equity rather than nothing).

  8. Michael in PS says

    Nowhere in the story does it mention “previously homeless assistant” so, since some are jumping to conclusions maybe instead assume she’s been paying a decent wage allowing Walter to rent his own apartment?
    My first thought was Jennifer is now at a point in life where she can gift non-immediate family members with an item as wonderful as a house. For that I say good for her.

  9. kdknyc says

    Jeez, folks, can’t you just be happy for the guy, and love Jennifer just A LITTLE? I’m sure she thought about what kind of house, and its expenses, before buying. If she didn’t, then someone who advises her did.

    Jeez. Happy new year.

  10. Glen says

    The average personal assistant to a celeb makes about 60K – more if you work for an A lister. It is underpaid as you basically have no life and are working 24 hours a day. It can also be the most horrible job as you are asked to do demeaning things (not always), but yes sometimes.

  11. Rowan says

    ‘Best gay friend’…dear god. Gays really are the lowest of the low aren’t they? Forever sexless personal assistants to cruel diva’s. Sigh.

  12. tinkerbelle says

    Talk about screaming qu**n…

    But he’s happy, and I would LOVE to be part of Jennifer’s entourage. She is a true star.

  13. Ross says

    Most of you are a bunch of little negative trolls. All you do is sit here and knock someone for doing something nice. Quite frankly, the taxes and insurance aren’t her problem and she doesn’t need to consider those. She gave an extraordinary gift and if he can’t afford it he needs to sell it and use the cash for something he can afford. You bitter people need to stop hating on people and get out and enjoy your life.