1. SteveDenver says

    Viva Luxuria!

    Thanks for helping the world see just how ridiculous and dangerous Russia is over NOTHING! What will it take for Obama and other world leaders to DEMAND positive action.

    Luxuria was abducted in a car bearing Olympic markings: the IOC is now involved because of their trademark.

  2. gregorybrown says

    If there wasn’t so much coverage, I suspect being “taken for a ride in the country” would have more sinister outcomes. The yearning for the good old days with Uncle Joe Stalin at the helm runs deep indeed.

  3. johnny says

    Dropped off and abandoned in the country?

    We used to do this with racoons we trapped live in our backyard when I was a kid. Seems like an odd way to deal with this, but probably a lot less harmful than putting them in prison.

  4. BETTY says

    LOL DIMPLES/JEFF aka Mike Ryan. You mean the most generic Facebook page with absolutley no info and a bunch of generic pics taken from the web? Yeah right! Looks like a fake page made only so one can post on comment sections of websites without acutally giving any info about yourself. Don’t act like you are so open and above everyone when anything identifying you is answered “nunya business”. A two year old can make a phony Facebook page. Give us a break!!!

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