8 Missouri GOP Lawmakers File to Impeach Governor for Accepting Tax Returns from Gay Couples

Back in November, Missouri Rep. Nick Marshall (R-Parkville) threatened to impeach Governor Jay Nixon for signing an executive order accepting joint tax returns from gay couples married in other states.

MarshallNow, Marshall, along with seven other Republican lawmakers, has filed to impeach Nixon.

Wrote Marshall on Facebook:

I assure you that the Articles of Impeachment filed yesterday are very serious charges that should not be taken lightly by the Governor's Office. If I just wanted publicity, I would have called a press conference. If I just wanted to send a message, I would have picked up the phone.

The Riverfront Times reports:

Marshall's legislative assistant, Beth Peters, told Daily RFT that his objection is about violating the Missouri constitution, which forbids gay marriage, not about targeting LGBT couples.

"If Missouri were a state that allowed gay marriage, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But it's not," says Beth Peters, Marshall's legislative assistant. "It has nothing to do with what people want to do in their personal lives."

Rick Brattin, Jeff Pogue, Ronald Schieber, Mike Moon, T.J. Berry, Kurt Bahr and Ken Wilson are the other Republicans involved.


  1. Sean says

    They have no case because states do not have a say in federal tax returns. The Gov. recognized the marriages for federal purposes according to the law of the federal government which he is required to do or be charged in violation of federal law. The IRS has mandated that marriage between 2men or 2women is legal everywhere in America for federal tax purposes. Period.

    Lastly, “It has nothing to do with what people want to do in their personal lives.” – it has EVERYTHING to do with what LGBT people want to do in our personal lives. First, who we marry is OUR personal business. Second, we want OUR (not the governments) f@#king money back just like heterosexual married couples do.

  2. Keith says

    At least be honest. . .this has everything to do with marriage equality, and nothing to do with joint tax returns.

  3. Richard Harney says

    Not gonna happen. For one thing it is premature for impeachment proceedings unless a gay couple legally married in another state actually files and it is accepted by the state department of revenue.
    Secondly, the federal constitution will be very important here specifically the 14th Amendment allowing a license issued in one state to be effective in all states. The Missouri GOP is just shooting themselves in the foot on this one for a technicality that only affects a handful of people in the state and would only cost the state a negligible amount in refunds.

  4. bkmn says

    “It has nothing to do with what people want to do in their personal lives.”

    Talking in uber polite Xtian – the above statement is intended to mean that being gay is a choice.

  5. John Freeman says

    “It has nothing to do with what people want to do in their personal lives.”

    Yes, right, I also believe the moon is made of green cheese. This tool is so transparent.

  6. Bart says

    Considering how little the Missouri congress does this only proves that they aren’t actually in a coma. Too bad this all for show, pandering for votes from the minions of ignorant.

  7. andrew says

    Just another example of the desperation of those fighting a losing battle. Full equality for LGBT people, at least in the Western World, is an idea whose time has come. History will remember these right wing Republicans the way it remembers George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Strom Thurmond and all those bigots who fought the losing battle in an attempt to keep Black people “in their place”.

  8. TomR says

    Wonderful example of conservative Missouri politics at its worst! If you want to take a political step back into medieval times, come visit the Missouri heartland. We have a farm in Osage County. In our small town of 1300, there are at least five Baptist churches, ranging from ultra-conservative all the way over to points which are light years off the right-hand edge of the political spectrum. And by the way, Rep. Rick Brattin [R-Harrisonville, Mo] is also sponsoring a bill which would assure that creationsit theories are given equal time in any science curriculum. Go figure.

  9. Hansel Currywurst says

    “If I just wanted publicity….” he wrote on FACEBOOK.

    (Dr. Freud just tweeted a LOL from his grave.)

  10. Tom Beauchamp-Arnold says

    Accepting joint tax returns, as required by = IRS policy, hardly seems like a “high crime and misdemeanor.”

    Unless the Missouri Constitution allows impeachment for lesser offenses, such as, really ticking off the opposition party by displaying a modest amount of human decency.

  11. says

    Impeachment of a governor or a President is always political and has very little to do with the law. They use the law as a pretense, but nothing more. This is politics at its worse, especially during an election year.

  12. JJ says

    “It has nothing to do with what people want to do in their personal lives.”

    The best response I know to statements like this is: “I’ll be the judge of that,” or, “People can judge that for themselves.” I find it succinctly clarifies who’s accountable and to whom.

  13. JJ says

    This is going to backfire on Republicans. The governor is following Missouri law, which requires that people’s state filing status match their federal filing status. They’re impeaching him for not refusing to enforce a law as unconstitutional. So they’ll attack either way: They’ll attack for refusing to enforce a law as unconstitutional. They’ll attack for NOT refusing to enforce a law as unconstitutional. They really can’t make up their minds.

  14. says

    Exactly. Grandstanding at it’s worst.

    Tax return status doesn’t change legal marital status so Governor Nixon’s EO hasn’t violated the state ban.

  15. anon says

    Oh, he knows he’s grandstanding. If he wants to actually achieve something, he’d have to get a recall election law passed and then have citizens revote on a political issue. Recalls have been used in some states, including recently to challenge govs. who made politically unpopular decisions. Impeachment is for criminal behavior or negligence.

  16. Bernie says

    another extremely mean and nasty move from Republicans………..and Ms. Peter’s statement is a LIE……Of course, the issue is gblt!

  17. Tristram says

    What people do in their personal lives? Thats talking about being gay to choosing to engage in some sort of hobby, like poker or fly fishing. It’s not what we ‘do’ f___face, its who we ARE.

  18. Jim says

    This impeachment stunt is a serious as a two-year-old’s tantrum. It’s nonsense and will go nowhere. Why do Tea Bagger simpletons make such public spectacles of themselves?

  19. William says

    It’s disgusting that the recall effort is underway, especially because he is just following state and federal law on the matter.

    However, Article IV of the United States Constitution (the full faith and credit clause) does not apply in this case. The second part of the clause states “And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.”, which Congress has done with the remaining section of DOMA. So, under normal (sane) circumstances, the marriages would have to be recognized in every state, they don’t have to be with the one section of DOMA.

  20. David says

    Now this is INTERESTING.

    There may or may not be good constitutional arguments to be made by both the governor and the legislators. Still, the legislators are filing impeachment articles.

    There is no constitutional argument to be made for a US president to create new criminal offenses as Obama has just done with a recent executive order concerning Obamacare. Will we see impeachment proceedings against him?

  21. miami says

    Isn’t great all these Repubs who want to hate on us for their career?
    Sen. Marco Rubio is one of the worst in this category. These people really have nothing against in. person, or on their staffs they just want to win. Rubio is very close to local conservative politicians, like Miami-Dade Commission Chair R. Sosa who have prominent LGBT staffs members. They have no issue dealing with them.

  22. Jery says

    Maybe the Missouri GOP’s missed the memo from the IRS and the Federal Attorney General a couple of days ago regarding ALL Federal Benefits of Heterosexual couples will be now given to ALL Same Sex couples. I think it’s a plot by the Democrats to make the GOP look mo bad (if that is possible) lol. Nice to know they could take the time off from loosing the woman vote to throw some hate on the LGBT.