1. says

    Ahhhhh yes. How wonderful. Where did it come from? Who taught them that, eh? Well, i was the “neighborhood f@ggot” by the time I was 8 years old. F@g. Homo. Girl. Sissy. At age 8, daily. Thanks to folks like these two bigots, who pass their B.S. on in culture.

    The good news? I survived my own attempts to take my life when I was child, and I’ve got a backbone stronger than anyone who continues to promote anti-LGBT prejudice and bigotry.

    “He walks like A GIRL, you can tell he’s gay..HATE HIM!” – these people are literally promoting hatred. Literally. With every broadcast, another child is beaten up and disowned and likely takes their own life.

    Enough is enough.

    These two clowns better pray they never meet me.

  2. says

    I spent my childhood watching tv shows in the 1970s in which there were no openly LGBT people except for Billy Crystal’s character on Soap. I doubt I learned to become gay from that show, since I’ve known since I was six years old that I liked males.

  3. Howie says

    The folks who degrade the manhood and masculinity of gay men are 1) arch-homophobes and 2) those who link gay men with transsexuals, as in “LGBT”

  4. Bryan L says

    The radical religious right (of all denominations), supported and funded by conservative billionaires, their political puppets, the misinformed and the poorly educated, is behind the homophobia that is sweeping across the planet. Anyone who is considered “the other” is now a target for discrimination, insane rhetoric, violence and whatever damage these idiots can create.

  5. Luke says

    They are disproving their own point, that homosexuality is not a choice. They should look up the study that was done by the Karolinska Institute which compared the brains of gay men, straight men, and heterosexual women. They found that in heterosexual women, the two symmetrical halves of the brain are relatively the same size, while in heterosexual men, the right hemisphere is slightly larger. In homosexual men, the two halves are relatively the same size, more closely resembling the brains of heterosexual women.

    This also ties in to earlier “feminization of the brain” studies that showed denser neural networks in the amygdala in heterosexual women and homosexual men, which suggested that brain structure differences in gay men are not only limited to the reproduction and sexual structures of the brain.

    Therefore, evidence suggests that the brains of gay men are “wired” to be more feminized.

    So to answer their question of “where does that come from,” these studies can provide the answers. It is not because Hollywood “promotes feminism.”

    That being said, the degree of femininity and masculinity varies from person to person. There are a lot of very masculine gay men that I know, and I guarantee these two wingnuts would never guess that they are gay just by looking at them or talking to them. They simply notice the flamboyant ones.

  6. Jonna the woodswoman says

    Hasn’t he noticed Linda Harvey is a hungry carpet muncher? Jesus, she walks like Bluto on Popeye and sounds like Harvey Fierstein.

  7. trees says

    The fat guy with the 70’s gay porn mustache has a high-pitched voice and sounds like a girl. So is he gay?

  8. KJ says

    Luke, not all gay brains followed that pattern. They were just more likely to follow that pattern. There is a difference. Also, while it is true that brain structure can impact behavior, it is also true that behavior can alter brain structure. So you can’t look at a “feminized” gay brain and say that it is the cause or the effect. In any event, there are non-fem gays and that alone proves that not all gays have the same kind of brain.

  9. ger says

    And to think we’ve known Linda Harvey buy her Towleroad name all these years. Nice to finally put a face to Rick.

  10. Paul B. says

    Memo to Linda Harvey…I’ve always considered myself a man, you know…deep voice, big hands, hairy ass. However, I like it up the rear. Can you help me fit into a category that makes you comfortable?

  11. Bernie says

    anything that Ms. Harvey says about the gay community makes no sense and is illogical, irrational and just plain stupid……Mr. Wildmon is not much better; so I ask what if someone walks with a limp, had a stroke, has palsy, Parkinsons, MS or any other movement disorder….does their “walking” like a girl make them gay???????!! As you can see, Mr. Wildmon’s idiotic beliefs make no sense!

  12. Paul B. says

    “The biblical model of manhood” says Linda Harvey. Would that be the naked one hanging on the cross with piercings everywhere? Or perhaps those two manly brothers, Cain & Abel…you know, one of those manly role models killed the other one? Personally, I’d go for the one with 12 bearded men around him all the time…drinking wine and wearing loose fitting garments for easy access.

  13. lookyloo says

    These people are so fixated on gay MEN.

    They almost never talk about GAY WOMEN with such strange vitriol. They blather on about anal sex and effeminate guys as some rationale against gay equality – but rarely talk about lesbians or lesbian sex in any way.

    It seems they have no issue with gay women – and that’s great.
    Let’s start the convo there. Give gay women marriage rights and bias protections right now – ya know, because they’re assumed to be not as likely to have buttsex as men – and we’ll go from there.

    They also seem to focus on male-to-female transgendered people when they express their strange concerns about the transgendered. Women ‘becoming’ men is not in their purview yet men ‘becoming’ women is super concerning to them.

    I guess I’m glad these bigots don’t have consistency but their mass fixation on men to the exclusion of women is noteworthy.

  14. Bill says

    @Paul B.: He probably wasn’t naked. It seems, as a concession to Jewish sensibilities (and as a result of negotiations) Jews who were crucified by the Romans were allowed to wear lion cloths. Everyone else went stark naked.

    The Romans were trying to scare people into not rebelling, but were pragmatic enough to realize that a minor concession might buy them more in the long run.

  15. andrew says

    These two are morons, but how many times have gay folks posted on Towleroad that they can tell someone is gay just by looking at their face. “Gay face”.???