1. AriesMatt says

    Second they showed the last horse in the fog/snow, knew it was a white walker. Looks like a good season.

  2. Chuck says

    Dull soundtrack. Not up to the ‘Seven Devils’ trailer for Season Two. Mostly just character reaction shots and one excellent line (which we have already heard) from the incomparable Peter Dinklage. Little sense of plotting: a wedding, the first appearance of Oberyn Martell and a nice big dragon. Still, it’s only a month or so.

  3. Alfred says

    There’s a reason the show accents on the phrase “All Men Must Die” this season. I’ve read the book – prepare for shocks, people. SHOCKS.

  4. FFS says

    If they have this much footage in the can, already, why don’t they quite screwin’ around and start airing the stupid new episodes?!?!?

    Nobody likes a tease, ladies.