1. Syrax says

    Matt27, soaps are a HUGE deal here, this was the primest of the times :) The last chapter of the most watched novela from Globo.

  2. jjose712 says

    They were very cowards in America because people really liked the gay couple and it was the last episode (one of the guys was gorgeous), but at least it was the beginning of being inclussive, and the gay characters weren’t linked to being the gay best friend of the female main character (one was her child and the other was an employee)
    The truth is telenovelas evolved a lot faster than american soap operas (maybe that’s the reason they are not struggling with the ratings).
    Gays become more common in telenovelas and their roles are becoming more relevant.
    It’s relevant to say that the roles of women in telenovelas evolved a lot in recent years too, from the damsel in distress who needs a man to strong women

  3. Randy says

    Very funny Mark :)

    The original version is of course removed. But it probably exists somewhere else.

  4. enchantra says

    Which one is supposed to be “hot”? They look like hairdressers.

    “What kind of guy does a lot for me
    Superman with a lobotomy
    My father’s outta Harvard
    My brother’s outta Yale
    Well, the guy I took home last night
    Just got outta jail”

  5. Excuse Me! says

    Why link these videos which are taken off as soon as they are posted? At least provide with an alternative link or post some stills, since it has become almost a given that the attached link will be barred.

  6. Braz. Girl says

    They removed the video. But if you guys search it on you tube, you’ll find. Try to search for the words “Felix”, “Niko” and “beijo”, and you’ll certainly find the kiss scene.