Anti-Gay Indiana State Senator Mike Delph Punished for Criticizing Fellow Republicans Over Marriage Ban


Indiana state Senator Mike Delph is being disciplined by Senate leadership for criticizing fellow Republicans last week for not restoring language to HJR3 that would have facilitated sending the measure to voters this fall, WTHR reports:

According to sources at the Statehouse, Long – the target of much of Delph's criticism – has decided to take the following steps to penalize the Carmel senator for his comments:

Delph will lose his leadership position as the Senate's Assistant Majority Floor Leader of Communications.
Delph will lose his title as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Delph will lose his press secretary.
Delph will be re-assigned to a new seat in the Senate chamber, alongside Democrats and away from Republican leadership.

Delph, as you may recall, made headlines for having a strong anti-gay stance despite the fact that he has a gay brother.


  1. disgusted american says

    If he were my brother – he’d be dead to me, but NOT before I did everything in MY power to Destroy HIM! (the time for being nice to these assholes is Looooong over)

  2. Burt says

    It’s all his gay brother’s fault! Certainly couldn’t be his own world view that’s lacking here..
    Never fear, I’m sure he’s been pre-forgiven for his sins and transgressions..

  3. Jim says

    Which pretty much means that his political career is dead. Speak any trash about gay people and Republicans will give you a sympathetic hearing. Criticize Republicans and you’re dog meat.

  4. Whosure says

    I am no fan of David Long, but he is trying to restore order to the GOP — however, it may be too late. The internet has now provided us with considerable information about all the people involved with this horrible legislation — and many will lose their seats over it getting this far to begin with. A lot of wasted time and money over this stupidity — Delph deserved to be taken to task, and I am glad that Long did what had to be done. Grass roots says the measure was opposed 10 to 1, and if it would have made it to the ballot, those who voted to defeat it would also clean house of Republicans, including Delph. It was stalled for another two years because Long and crew realized they could be swept out with the Amendment vote. Real simple politics.

  5. Randy says

    I grew up in Carmel,IN…..I see nothing much has changed in 30 years….they still elect morons to the legislature. My question would be…why punish the democrats by making this worthless excuse of a man sit with them? Just glad I got the hell out years ago.

  6. mike says

    The truth is told in all the fiery comments by the gay community, where is the love? A man concerns his disagreement, isn’t that what the gay community is doing? But wait the gay community is hating on others now, isn’t this what they are trying to fight about.Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!

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