1. David From Canada says

    For those of us not into the Bear Culture, the spoof was mildly amusing and kind of dumb at the same time.
    P.S. If I saw all these bears running down the street, I’d bolt in the opposite direction!

  2. Hank says

    Interestingly, one of the bodybuilders in the original GoDaddy ad is former gay porn star Chris Wide. Too bad he wasn’t cast in the spoof commercial!

  3. NotSafeForWork says

    It’s early. Give it time for the shrieking queens and their ageist, sizeist and generally vapid comments about hirsute men to add up.

  4. UFFDA says

    For a while now. “Bear’ has come to mean hefty or fat gay guys. Soon it will mean all hefty or fat guys period in the way that words change meaning (ever hear of awesome?) . It’s also typical that word use among gay men are appropriated by straight culture. Fact is, the stuff that gay men come up with so often so totally rocks that the culture can’t resist it.

    But most bears are just too flabby with processed food for me. Real bears are fit.

  5. ratbastard says

    CHILD TO PARENT: Mommy/Daddy, why are there a bunch fat, hairy men almost naked running down the street?

    PARENT: Hush child! Just shield your eyes, you might go blind!

    Just kidding, it’s cute.

  6. Tatts says

    Only one of those guys is a bear. The rest are just fat. Real Bears are hairy, husky, fit guys.

    I hate that the old Girth-and-Mirth took over the Bear scene. They’re not Bears at all.

    Remember: Gravy is not a beverage.

  7. Raybob says


    My husband is a gem among gems. We got to know and love each other very much over 2.5 years and several hundred emails and calls before we ever even saw pictures of each other. Our first date was a disaster since neither of us fit into the others’ physical ‘type’ category; we would have bagged it after one date based on looks. However, we both knew the other inside and out, and we love the soul that’s in these bodies. No, we’re not perfect, nor each other’s ideal body. Yes, we are blissfully happy. Look past the physical just a bit – it won’t last anyway. The other part will.

  8. Xavi says


    Totally disdainful comments about large men. For your information, “Bears” can be fit or fat or chubby or anything in between… Large, hefty, chubby men are not “gross”. They can be sexy and very sexual and waaayyy hotter than bitchy, self-loathing men obsessed with meeting ridiculous body image expectations.

  9. Robert says

    There are muscle bears, chubby bears, and regular bears in the middle. Saying one type defines the genre just because you don’t like the other kinds is ridiculous. And immature. But then again, this is Towleroad, land of the toxic bitter self-hating gays, so it all makes sense.

  10. TheTruth says

    If you actually took the time to leave a comment shaming the guys in the video, congratulations, you’re a terrible person.