1. jim says

    I really hope that all these appearances by media savvy trans folks really DO change the world… To me, its a simple idea. Separate gender from sex. Perhaps, some day, there won’t be any social behaviors associated with sex at all!

  2. Bev says

    Someone forgot to tell Charles (“Janet”) Mock that Colbert is also on the trans activist enemies list. Good bet is that the other tranny thugs will go after Mock for consorting with the enemy.

    Well, at least Charles/Janet got one thing right when (s)he said on Piers Morgan:

    “Gay rights are not trans rights. Gay rights are not transgender rights. . . [Transgender rights] has nothing to do with gay rights. . . . Gay rights and trans rights are not the same thing.”

    Charles/Janet is right. Let LGBs be LGBs and let Ts be Ts. End LGBT.

  3. Devbutt says

    Hey Derrique

    Last drag show I went to was super boring. No lie. It was the same old, same old right down to it taking place in a stale beer smelling pit. I guess what I’m saying is that boring comes in all varieties, but you live in Philly, you know what I’m talking about.

  4. Bev says

    Derrick From Philly says:

    “She is absoultely [sic] beautiful….”

    It is a testament to the chemical company that manufactured his breast implants and the bio-medical manufacturer that synthesized his artificial hormones and the expensive, highly trained surgeons who sliced and diced healthy tissue to make him look like a woman. Just as with any Hollywood blockbuster movie, if you marshal a small army of professionals and expend enormous amounts of time and money, you can create an illusion.

    Medical resources in any society are limited. How do we justify expending hundreds of thousands of dollars to give Janet Mock a girlish appearance when children go untreated for asthma, women can not afford mammograms, and millions of people suffer depression and mood disorders without help?

    Jim says:

    “Perhaps, some day, there won’t be any social behaviors associated with sex at all!”

    Cool! Just like insects and some lizards. What a great vision you and trans activists have for human sexuality.

  5. says

    I read the comments on dozens of gay sites from people who wondered what Piers Morgan did wrong. He seemed sensitive, and he gave Janet Mock publicity, so what more did she need? Well, Stephen Colbert showed us all. He treated her like a human being. There’s a reason why The Colbert Report is the best show on TV today.

  6. tinkerbelle says

    Piers Morgan can kill any party, he is the worst interviewer in the world because he’s more interested in himself than in his guests. That said, I did not see his interview with Ms. Mock, although I’m sure I can conjure it up in my head.

    Janet Mock kind of astounds me. Obviously intelligent, sure of herself, she’s certainly all woman in the best sense of the gender, she obviously made the right decision (if it was even a decision, there seems to not have been a choice — she’s the most physically convincing trans person I’ve ever seen). She kind of looks like Lena Horne (that’s my superficial take). I’m just wondering whether she’s actually suggested eliminating ALL labels in referencing all the label possibilities that “should” be available. Anyhoo, she’s got another client for her book here.

  7. Tommy says

    Derrick From Philly said –

    “I don’t like you heteronormal Gays.”

    What on Earth is a heteronormal gay? A gay by definition is not hetero. You are really insane.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “What on Earth is a heteronormal gay? A gay by definition is not hetero. You are really insane.”

    Yeah, I sorta’ made up a word. But I think I heard it used before–maybe “heteronomative”. I guess I meant to describe bigots against Transfolk. Gay or Straight anti-Transgender bigots–I don’t like ’em. They’re boring.

    Insane? Sure. How could a queen like me survived without being insane?

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “You are really insane.”

    And I’ll tell one more thing, Miss Thing. There’s something more insane than me–and that’s Gays who are bigoted towards Transgender folks. ‘Cause to the bigots we’re all justa’ bunch of faggots–including you. Comprende….Miss Thaing.

  10. dana says

    Stephen (and John Stewart) was blacklisted by a trans advocacy group for supposedly being anti-trans. I’m glad the interview went well, but, can we have enough of the friend/ally bashing?

  11. spark says

    Janet Mock is awesome. Stephen Colbert rules. and Derrick from Philly is hella funny. They create and send love out to the world; they speak their truths without diminishing that of others.

  12. Knock says

    Point out that sex and gender are unrelated and you’re a hero to the transsexuals. Point out that being gay and being transsexual are not the same thing and you’re a ‘bigot’.

  13. says


    Do you not understand that “true” beauty is on the inside. Ms Mock would be a beautiful person regardless what she may look like on the outside. Of course her inner beauty does enhance her outer beauty, so try as you may to cut her down . . . you are just showing what an ugly person you are.

  14. Randy says

    I thought it was a delightful interview. I hope Piers was watching. While as a faux-conservative, Colbert had to raise similar issues, it wasn’t combative, and showed that Colbert (unlike Piers) had actually done his homework even better than Janet herself, knowing that bigender is a Facebook option.

    Of course, the real test comes in a few days, when we’ll see whether Colbert gets Twitter-flamed for uni-gendering the word “guy” with his cis-male privilege.

    My only problem is the continued use of the word “identify”. Language matters when you’re trying to convince people to change their minds. Don’t just “identify”. “Be” demands respect. So “Be” somebody.

  15. Victor says

    This interview was great, but it’s an interview about Morgan’s interview. And Piers did have a point – was it sooooo hard for Janet to say “Hey, Piers, I know you’re not doing it on purpose, but I prefer that you refer to my being born with male genitals by ” .”

    Either way, good for Colbert to actually ask her directly.

  16. fern says

    I agree Victor. There were far better ways for her to make her point than purposefully picking a fight with Piers.

    I do think she is beautiful and poised just found the Piers controversy could have been handled better.

  17. Bev says

    Twitdude –

    If true beauty is on the inside, then why did Charles/Janet spend a fortune and use limited health care resources on the outside? Doesn’t seem like a moral person to me.

    Randy –

    “the real test comes in a few days, when we’ll see whether Colbert gets Twitter-flamed for uni-gendering the word “guy” with his cis-male privilege.”

    Srsly, are you posting comments from a psych ward? Do you have any idea how you sound?

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