1. Dave says

    My god I LOVE Buddy Cole! I remember a long time ago, i was at the Chinese Theatre on a date. We saw “Johnny Mnemonic.” The movie really sucked. But after the movie while my date used the restroom, I saw Scott Thompson in the lobby. I really wanted to say hello, and tell him how much I enjoyed his work, but I generally don’t like to bother anyone. It was late, and he looked a little tired. But while these thoughts ran through my head, a young guy walked up to him and told him how much he looked up to him, and how his “Buddy” character helped him to come out to his friends. Scott was so gracious and sweet, giving the guy a hug. If he was tired, it no longer showed…and they were still talking when my date reappeared and we walked off. It left an impression on me- such a wonderful moment that was actually better than meeting him!

  2. macguffin54 says

    LOVE Buddy. Can’t wait for the next KITH project (I was pleasantly surprised by Death Comes to Town. They’ve never lost it.) And the guy on the right is a hottie. He seemed to be the most “game” to play along. He seemed to be in on the joke (with one or two exceptions. He didn’t seem to like Buddy confusing his Hispanic last name.)

  3. Randy says

    Although I didn’t like Buddy back in the day, I think he’s great now.

    And that team looks great in Dockers. Should have gone with skinny jeans. Nobody looks good in skinny jeans.

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Our Olympic Speed Skating Team should get a special medal for their graciousness & good sense of humor. They went along with the skit, even though quite frankly, I would have been a little embarrassed to go along with some of Buddy’s antics.

    You could see they are secure enough in their own sexuality that quips & innuendo didn’t bother them at all. I’m sure their focus these days rests squarely on the competition.

    Now I finally have a good reason to watch the Sochi Olympics & cheer for our teams, especially our skaters.

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