1. crazycorgi says

    Amazing dude put the crack pipe down long enough to even notice what flag was flying. Amazing how someone who is a notorious drug addict and whoremonger has the audacity to infer any kind of morality on anyone.

  2. Gigi says

    Toronto is my city but I didn’t vote for either one of The Ford Twins. “We can’t be homophobic. We have gay friends” they say.
    “Don’t be intolerant of our intolerance” they cry. “STFU and go away already” we demand!

  3. Gigi says

    I just listened to a bit of the video. A bit was all that I could stomach. FYI Ford, I have a sexual orientation, it’s not a “preference.” A preference is what you have for crack cocaine.

  4. Nicatinoid says

    Ahh yes this is the spectacularly neat Orwellian trick Panti taught us about; apparently it’s not gays that are the victims of homophobia, but homophobes are the victims of homophobia!

    I’m not sorry, with all due disrespect to the Fords, heterosexuals do NOT have the right to tell gays what they are allowed to feel oppressed by, and heterosexuals do NOT have the right to be the ones who define homophobia and identify homophobes.

  5. ggrr says

    The pride flag wasn’t raised as a substitute for the canadian flag…there, different flags are raised as cultural appreciation. The Pride flag isn’t just for gay people anymore BTW. I’m in high school and a lot of my straight friends think the rainbow flag speaks to them, so they have no problem wearing it or admiring it. I’m tired of OLD bloats pretending that they speak for the future-they don’t !! I KNOW THIS!

  6. graphicjack says

    Except the Canadian flag is permanently on display at Toronto City Hall… there are SEVERAL flag poles and the one with the pride flag on it never has a Canadian flag on it… it’s reserved for special occasion purposes only…. which either he is too stupid not to know, or of course he knows and hopes his followers will believe his lame-brained excuse. This has nothing to do with patriotism, and everything to do with homophobia. The Frauds are complete neanderthals.

  7. johnny says

    I have a Chinese friend.

    I have a Black friend.

    I have a Lesbian friend.

    I have a Mexican friend.

    I have a fat friend.

    I have a bulimic friend.

    I have a handicapped friend.

    Seriously, whenever someone spouts something horrible about a specific group, they automatically say they have a friend from that same group as if that gives them a pass to be a bigot.

    I get so tired of humans on some days.

  8. says

    Like when he said he’s not a racist because he works with kids he referred to as “f***ing minorities”, right?

    Oh Mayor Fraud, your continued dismissal of your anti-gay attitudes is tired and worn out. Like your pants.

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