1. American Dreamer says

    I think that the persecution of gays in Russia is a harbinger to the return of a totalitarian state to Russia where all citizens aer persecuted.
    History has proven time and time again that totalitarian states start with the persecution of minorities and other vulnerable groups–like the Jews and Gays in pre-WW II Germany–before moving on to the society at large.
    Plus Putin has set the stage for a totalitarian state by creating a one man dictatorship in Russia.
    While Putin is bad enough after he is gone he is likely to be replaced by a megalomaniac who creates the worst possible form of police state.
    It is no wonder you hear Russian at almost every street corner here in NYC. Anyone with any brains or money is trying to get the hell out of Russia while they still can.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    I can’t watch it again Andy, it is just too much.

    I totally agree.
    But it seems to me that the situation is now very very serious for gays in Russia.
    The suggestion now is that children be removed from parents who are gay, so those two lesbians on the documentary with children by previous relationships could have their children taken away from them.

    BTW, half of those beating up the gay guy look gay themselves……now where have we seen that phenomenon before ?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Two weeks ago I won the “Dumbest Comment On Towleroad” award. I said that a Russian Gay-basher happened to look handsome. Watching this video explains to me why I won the “Dumbest…” award.

    It was a Friday afternoon two weeks ago, and I was sipping from my flask (vodka, ironically) Fortunately, a Towleroad visitor chastised me for my studpid comment. The insensitive (and maybe offensive) comment has bothered me ever since. Any fascist who hates Gays also hates Blacks, and so what I said was doubly stupid.

    If you are so ugly on inside then you cannot be handsome on the outside. If you torture Gay folks you are not handsome…ever.

  4. Gigi says

    @DERRICK FROM PHILLY — I had no idea there was such an award. I’m sure we could have all won it at one time or another. At least you found your way back. These guys are sickos. Nothing sexy about them.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    The previous clips I watched were very upsetting and made me angry but I will try to muster through the whole thing. I can only hope that the Russian LGBT become more careful so that they are not ambushed as the victims were in this documentary. Arm yourself, don’t go anywhere or meet anyone alone, and don’t trust anyone you meet online or through a gay hook-up app. And this applies to even in gay-friendly countries. As we are all aware of, gay bashings are still occurring in Manhattan.

  6. Cancel says

    @ American Dreamer, this quote of yours TERRIFIED ME:
    “It is no wonder you hear Russian at almost every street corner here in NYC.”
    They leave their country for freedom, and turn their new found freedom against gays.

    I remember seeing it in Sacramento California, where a once apparently gay-friendly place turned into a hostile eastern european homophobic cesspool. I remember a story about a lesbian couple with children who used to be able to hold hands in public one day find an angry mob on their lawn hurling abuse at them.

    I don’t want homophobic russians moving to the west, unless they are LGBT asylum seekers…

  7. Graphicjack says

    That hurt to watch, but I needed to see it. Thank you to UK’s Channel 4 for exposing this.

  8. AnthonyR says

    Im in tears with anger hurt pain. I cannot believe this is happening. And nothing is seeming to be done to bring an end to this. I cry for Russia.

  9. says

    Absolutely disturbing and sickening on so many levels. The people committing this violence are psychopathic animals. The scene of the man who was lured to the apartment and then essentially psychologically tortured was unbelievably terrifying. He had to be absolutely and literally scared to death. This kind of a crime would never be ignored in the United States. There are so many felony crimes that took place in that video that all of these men and this disgusting excuse of a woman would all be living their lives behind bars for a long, long time.

  10. JAMES B. says

    Outside of reposting this craziness, what can the average person here in the States do? Serious question

  11. JAMES B. says

    Outside of reposting this craziness, what can the average person here in the States do? Serious question

  12. Ivan says

    By the way, the subtitles on the photo lie. Word “faggot” in Russia used as an ordinary affront sometimes, and this phrase means “Your answer “No”? It’s faggot’s answer (bad man’s answer)

  13. Ivan says

    By the way, the subtitles on the photo lie. Word “faggot” in Russia used as an ordinary affront sometimes, and this phrase means “Your answer “No”? It’s faggot’s answer (bad man’s answer)

  14. Ivan says

    It is not anti-gay group!
    It is anti-pedophile group!
    Imagine that adult man used your child.
    You Like it? Maybe. Because you are perverts.
    But in our country people don’t like such things.
    Russian gays are not oppressed!
    They have the same rights as the rest of.
    But straights are entitled to express their dislike.
    We have freedom of speech, thought and conscience.
    If they use violence, they will sit in jail.
    But promotion of homosexuality violates children’s rights to self-selection.
    And this video shows the struggle with pedophiles. Gays are’t pedophiles.
    Pedophiles are’t gays always.
    Ordinary gays aren’t bad, gays promoting homosexuality need psychological help, pedophiles must get beans.
    Catch pedophile difficult because Russian law enforcement agencies do’t have the right to conduct provocative activities (like the FBI in the U.S.).
    And this organization helps to catch them using trained children as bait.
    This is important work. Because of this pedophiles fear use child. And the creators of this video just want to belittle Russia in the eyes of Europe.
    on’t believe this provocation!

  15. James says

    I van, the problem with your post is it overlooks one key item: Occupy Pedophilia isn’t targeting pedophiles, its simply targeting gay men. They lure gay men using the internet and smart phone aps who are just looking for a date. No where do they indicate these men are seeking underage sex. What especially ludicrous is why Occupy Pedophilia only targets gays. More often than not, it’s young girls who are the victims of pedophiles, and it’s at the hands of straight men, but I guess that’s OK in Russia!

  16. Ivan says

    James, there were several episodes involving girls as bait. Unfortunately,
    women do not always agree to be bait. Usual rapists drag girls into the car,
    take to the woods, rape and murder (as Chikatilo). They rarely write them on dating sites.
    When the account is registered with boy’s photo, pedophiles react instantly. Begins correspondence,
    in which the boy immediately announces its age and evinces doubt. Sometimes a pedophile immediately exits the network,
    sometimes insists. Often the pedophile is an adult (age difference between him and the boy to thirty years).
    He comes into the boy’s apartment , comes into the bath, undresses, puts a condom, covenant boy. Several adult guys comes,
    thrown it in the bath, and conduct psychological conversation.
    -“Why did you come to the boy?”
    -“I came to wash.”
    -“Are you pedophile or gay?”
    “I’m Nikolay”.
    Sometimes a pedophile has a family. He asked not to tell his wife, etc. Sometimes he says that his father raped him in his childhood.
    Sometimes he is a priest.
    Of course, the participants behave rudely because pedophiles do not deserve courtesy, many of them don’t like gays.
    However, they do not injure anyone. And the use of force during interrogation has always been a routine procedure.
    Normal law-abiding gay doesn’t go to boy’ s apartment!

    If a man so loved another man, he doesn’t need to wear lingerie and wave placards. Those who do this have an unhealthy
    desire to be the center of attention.
    And if they molest young boys, then they are ordinary perverts who need psychological help.

    Imagine that a black man would yell at each corner: “Look, what I’m black.” This makes no sense. It disturbs and annoys other people.
    They tucked him in the trash, and then the court finds them racists.

    Somebody mustn’t emphasize their difference from others, if he want to be considered the same as all. This is illogical.
    Gays must show that they ordinary people but they strongly emphasize the opposite