1. Quicksilver says

    “The shot is brief, but no more so than the majority of other couples and families that the ad cycles through.” Are you serious? While the whole commercial is a moronic series of seizure-enducing rapid cuts, the nanosecond flash of a “gay couple” just so happens to occur during an even more sped-up section of the spot. Well, imagine that. Screw the Baby Bells, screw Canada and screw the Olympics, eh.

  2. James in Toronto says

    Ah… which gay apartment, and where?

    It actually looks like Toronto, and half the young gay professionals living here. I suspect “Ikea”. lol

  3. Joel says

    I don’t think they watch Super Bowl ads up there in Canada. Might need to fix the title of the post, eh?

  4. Alex Parrish says

    From reading the comments this morning I am beginning to think that a certain segment of the LGBTQ population is surviving only on mean-pills with a chaser of nasty. Is there no one who can be happy with a little progress? Not everyone is so angry that they cannot accept even a token. That is not productive. Grow-up — pull-up your big-girl panties and don’t be such a negative nabob. Despite what your mother told you, the world does NOT revolve around you.

  5. BETTY says

    JOEL: It aired during the Superbowl in Canada. The Canadian TV network airs its own ads, not the American ads. Although many Canadians get angry they can’t see the US ads. But, if you live in a border city close to the US, you can watch the US network on regular TV, and many do just to see the ads.

  6. Jim in TO says

    @Quicksilver, Bell Canada is NOT a “Baby Bell”. Bell Canada was never part of the old AT&T but is a Canadian company. Bell Canada owns the CTV and TSN networks (plus a lot of other channels) as well as the largest phone company here. They also own (along with Rogers, one of the other big telcos), MLSE which owns the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, and FC Toronto.

  7. BETTY says

    Quicksilver needs a time out.

    Btw, Bell is one of the largest companies in Canada. It owns television networks and cable channels, 100 radio stations. It is a phone company and cell phone provider, a large internet provider and it owns one of the two home TV satellite companies (like Direct TV). It even owns what was the old Radio Shack in Canada. That’s in addition to all the sports teams listed above. It is hardly a “baby Bell”.

  8. MickyFlip says

    Wow. I’m floored. Makes me wish I was Canadian tbh. I have to admit, I do find it funny how Canada always ‘one up’ the States. But I do have to tip my hat to Canada for putting Gay Marriage on the map first.