1. Jeff says

    Let’s say a prayer for or at least send our brothers and sisters in Africa. These are some brave people that need all the bravery they can muster right now.

  2. Brian says

    One thing I wonder when I hear news from Uganda is why can’t gay/gay friendly Americans visit these countries to advise governments? Maybe we could reverse some of the damage other Americans have done?

  3. David says

    Gay friendly people…even gay friendly churches have gone to Uganda to advise against these draconian laws Brian, but to no avail.
    In a country where most believe that eating the jopped of limbs of albino children gives you magical powers what is really needed to reverse these laws is aducation, but aducation costs a lot of money and Africa just doesn’t have it.

  4. 2cents says

    I believe that many of the African politicians & political figures are hyping/inflating anti-gay sentiment in an effort to extort money from both liberal & conservative groups domestically & abroad.
    The same thing has been happening here in the states under the guise of our legislative system. Corrupt/greedy politicians know there is money to be had by appealing to religious/conservative fundies & manipulating a fearful abused & uneducated populace. Not much we can do, that’s the way the cookies crumbles–but if we follow the money, our awareness+discussion will create transparency that will alter the old dynamic, evolving human rights for the generations to follow.

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