Gay Soccer Star Robbie Rogers Has ‘Attitude': PHOTO


When soccer player Robbie Rogers came out last year, after leaving the sport and his former Leeds United team, he certainly made waves. When he signed with the L.A. Galaxy and became the first openly gay major league soccer player, he became a star. Now, in a cover article for April's issue of Attitude magazine, Rogers has revealed that the road to self-acceptance was not so easily traversed.

Sports Mole reports:

In an interview with Attitude magazine, the 26-year-old said: "Definitely in my career there were so many times when I struggled with my mental health. That affected the way I played.

"For younger people that are closeted and they see that it's illegal to be gay in Qatar, then they know that the World Cup's going to be there and maybe they're football fans? That's so damaging on their psyche, on their mental health.

"My thing was that I was done and I was going to [come out] on my own terms, away from a football club. I was going to take some time to myself and no-one was going to try and persuade me to do that while I was back in football and no-one was going to persuade me to do it in any other way."

Rogers continues to be an inspirational presence in professional sports. He, along with the NBA's Jason Collins and college football star Michael Sam, have kickstarted a whole new level of openness in American sports.


  1. Hrm says

    1. Yes, he’s taken. He’s with Greg Berlanti, a pretty influential TV producer (and pretty easy on the eyes as well).

    2. Peter, why do you care about his personal beliefs if he doesn’t take issue with yours? That’s the way people in NOM act.

  2. Chris says

    He’s a devout catholic and a self-proclaimed “conservative”. I’m still put off by the level of self-loathing surrounding him, that “beyond it” campaign he’s part of is a good example. He doesn’t want to be associated with anything Gay, and yet let’s face it, that’s the only reason he’s relevant to begin with.

  3. peterparker says

    @HRM: What CHRIS said. Mainly the part about what I can only imagine is a high degree of self-loathing. I’ve never met a devoutly religious or extremely conservative gay person who isn’t filled with self hate.

  4. diego says

    Doesn’t he has to actually play some matches and be good at it to be called a soccer superstar? No one knows who he is in the soccer world.

    Is he even going to play at the US 20th FIFA worldcup team? seriously

    Like I get it he is a handsome kid, no doub about it, but let’s start talking real soccer here.

  5. miami says

    Actually Thomas Hitzlsperger was a much bigger, even a World Cup star, but he only came out after he retired.
    In Europe is common for important gays to be “Catholic” both gay governors in Italy, of Sicily and Puglia are Gay Catholics. Its a european thing over there.
    Who cares what sports stars actually “think” str8 or gay that is not their job and usually they are not very good at it. Sports is a game of natural talent and practice, few great minds.

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