1. SFshawn says

    Self loathing closeted gay men are the gay communities worst enemy. Give it a rest already Tony and come out of the closet!

  2. Simon says

    “OneMillionMoms like us, they know what the research says.”
    He just confessed that he is as ignorant as those HausFraus.

  3. Jay says

    He means that all twenty members of “OneMillionMoms” wrote letters to Disney. I am sure that Disney cares. NOT.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Isn’t someone who ignores facts on a continuous note mentally unstable? Can’t the average person distinguish between a mentally unstable person and a thoughtful person? Why does Tony Perkins (an ironic name coupling him with gay Anthony Perkins)wield this much authority?

  5. Matt27 says

    In what world people like him live? Safe life and loving parents are more important to children than are they brought up by straight or gay couple or single parent.

  6. DamFine says

    LMFAO!!! I’ve Charlie is a girl for several years now. Poor Tony Perkins; he’s trying so hard to preach h8red but doesn’t have the intelligence to verify his facts. Again, idiocy runs rampant in the Xtian Taliban! Give it up, Mr TP!!

  7. HadenoughBS says

    “Like us, they know what the research says…” That’s the problem with homophobes like Perkins, they make up lies – like “research” – that fits their bigoted views in order to fund raise off their ignorant and unsuspecting not-so-bright-themselves supporters. The MSM has to stop giving FRC, NOM, OMM and their ilk coverage without also giving the anti-gay backstory on each group. It’s time this BS is stopped

  8. Mike Ryan says

    Here’s hoping Disney bans any member of a hate group from entry to any Disney property. That would certainly cause an uproar.

  9. Banks says

    I am just waiting for the day he gets busted in a bath house or a back room somewhere in nothing but a jockstrap getting banged. You know he’s a self loather, closet case if one has ever taken a breath.

  10. Ryan says

    OneMillionMoms is flooding Disney with complaints, eh? I get the feeling it’s more likely a light drizzle. He’s a moron who gets paid to say this crap, just like Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, Bryan Fischer, etc. Screw them. If there is a hell as they claim, I’m sure they’re going to be really pissed when they find themselves spending eternity there with all of us gays.

  11. Rev Dr Stephen Wayles says

    The Family Research Council is rightly defined as a hate group. The Million Moms are a “million” in their own minds. The latest research shows that children in glbt families do as well in life and in school as do their straight family counterparts. This organization relies on bad science for everything – from Creationism, to the idea that sexuality is chosen, to the claim that children in families with two parents of the same gender don’t do as well as those with opposite gender parents. Shame on Tony Perkins for perpetuating the lies. There are, fortunately, churches and other religious groups that love God and respect science – and know that variety in sexuality is a gift from God. Time for Tony and the so-called “family (bad) research council” to retire.

  12. Donny says

    I am 42 years old. I am gay. I am a liberal. I’m for gay marriage. I’m all for gays being allowed to adopt. My parents divorced and I was raised by a single mother who is an amazing woman. But, in MY experience, the most well adjusted of people grew up with a mother and father who remain married until death. Now, of course there are exceptions but, on average, I do believe that best possible scenario for a child is to be reared by a loving mother and father. That’s my opinion.

  13. GOD LOVES says

    Census 2010: One-Quarter of Gay Couples Raising Children
    June 23, 2011
    Page 2 of 2

    4 Percent of Americans Are Gay

    An April report by the Williams Institute revealed that an estimated 4 percent of Americans are lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender.

    Their analysis of 2000 Census data suggested that more than 250,000 children in the United States are being raised by lesbian and gay parents.