Here is the Text of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law: READ IT


Earlier this morning, Towleroad reported that Ugandan President Museveni had signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which imposes life imprisonment for homosexuals, into law.

The law imposes life imprisonment for “aggravated homosexuality” and seven years in prison for a person who aids, abets, counsels or procures another to engage in acts of homosexuality.”

And much more.

Read the full text of the law below:

Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 by marialedio

(via frank mugisha)


  1. jamal49 says

    Well, so much for waiting for the opinions of Uganda’s “scientists” as to the “origins” of homosexuality.

    So, here it is, folks. The beginnings of an official government policy to legally commit genocide against a segment of a country’s population.

    I expect Towleroad to pay very close attention to the Bryan Fischers and Scott Livelys and their pronouncements because their vile, filthy, corrupt evangelical hands are behind all of this.

    Write your Congresspeople, the State Department, POTUS, the UN, OXFAM, et al, and demand that Uganda and any other country that passes such legislation either rescind such laws or they will be isolated from the international community with all monetary and material aid cut off.

  2. spg says

    Ok, aside from this being a horrible travesty…Why does the media give so much attention to this backwater country in the middle of Africa as opposed to any other place in the world that criminalizes gay people, ie., Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, et. al. Is it because the leadership is certifiably crazy and that makes for a good story? How about we start highlighting what IS going right and Just. Leading through example instead of fear mongering and sensationalism?

  3. Bryan says

    @SPG: I think it’s because the gay rights issue is more prominent now, meanwhile in all those countries you’ve listed, it’s been illegal for a while, mainly before gay rights started being in the spotlight. If any of those countries were criminalizing it now, they’d be getting attention like Russia, Uganda, Nigeria are getting.
    Obviously that doesn’t make it right, we should still be reporting on those countries, but it’s easier to report what’s happening NOW than what’s already happened, if that makes sense.

  4. gr8guya says

    When Secretary of State Clinton said, “Gay rights are human rights,” she drew a line in the sand. Now that this line has been crossed – actually, obliterated – it is the responsibility of the United States to stand behind those words. There should be a termination of all foreign aid, strong trade sanctions, and the creation of an international coalition to treat Uganda as a pariah state.

    Either we believe in human rights or we don’t.

  5. Drew says

    The Chinese will be glad for the US and the West to protest this big time while they continue to move into Africa. I’m not saying that the U.S. shouldn’t protest this horrible law — it absolutely should — but that’s the geopolitical realpolitik of this issue.

  6. says

    It now becomes an all-out war against Uganda. Scream your heads off at your elected officials. Ban all American monies from being sent to Uganda, including medical, educational and technological. We can be just as tough against Ugandans as Ugandans are tough against their own gay citizens.

  7. RayJacksonMS2 says

    So annoying. I created a White House petition to halt funds to Uganda over this law. The trick is you have to get 100k in 30 days and the White House has to post an official response. Problem I have to get 150 signatures on the petitions before it is posted publicly on the White House petition page. AND I can’t post links on here apparently. So be on the look out for the petition under Foreign Policy on the White House’s page once I get the 150 signatures.

  8. says

    I signed the petition and sent the link to all of my YouTube subscribers and viewers as well as family and friends. Take the opportunity to open your address/contact lists, Facebook shares and every forum you can post to and get the word out.

  9. RayJacksonMS2 says

    Oh good. It did post. I went out and came back into the story and I didn’t see it. I still need the 150 signatures for it to be visible to the public on the White House’s page. Up to 13 already.

  10. Randy says

    Box Turtle Bulletin anaylses the law, and comes with this well-hidden result:

    “So if you speak out against this law, and you keep speaking out against it, then you’re someone who ‘attempts to promote or in anyway abets homosexuality and related practices.’ On your second or third conviction they can put you away for life.”

  11. Bill says

    After reading it, it seems to be not quite as bad as we think – their definition of homosexuality seems to give you an out if you are a 100% bottom, although a couple of corner cases are a bit vague. There does seem to be a defense by claiming that one is a “victim of homosexuality”.

    A defense example: “Your honor, he was so hot that I just couldn’t help but take off my clothes, lie down on the bed with my legs in the air, and instead of laughing, he came over and did you know what to me before and I couldn’t get the words ‘no’ or ‘stop’ out in time. Since he penetrated me and I did not actively do anything to him, I’m the one who is innocent.”

    Thank heaven for small favors?

    On a less sarcastic note, besides being heinous, the bill is so badly worded as to suggest terminal incompetence. We should seriously downsize any aid Uganda is getting as I wouldn’t trust those bozos to manage a 5 year old’s piggy bank.

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