1. Pancho Lopez says

    Somebody file charges with the International Criminal Court. These guys collaborated in the murder of people on the basis of their sexual orientation or identity.

    Should they not be held responsible like other persecutors? Are war criminals any different than these guys?

  2. Chrislam says

    Most bigoted homophobes are closet cases trying to cover their tracks. My bets are that all three are sucking on some penis…or each others. I feel sorry for their wives.

  3. says

    These men are sterile cuckoos. Nothing worthwhile from their mouth will ever hatch. However, they are also birds of prey.

    For absolute joy…read world wide open letter to Uganda President that rids the myths of homosexuality. It’s can be found on the internet and on my site. Reading it will make your day.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    These three have aided abetted counseled and procured grievous acts by foreign governments, likely to endanger American Citizens lawfully travelling abroad.
    They have, with malice aforethought and ill will, sought to put US Citizens and others in danger for the proper expression
    of their human rights.

    1. Now US citizens need to be given travel warnings that their Human rights will not be respected or upheld in Russia ( and elsewhere)because of the criminal conduct of these three stooges.

    2. These three have acted to the detriment of Americans abroad, thus betraying US interests and the safety of its Citizens.

    3. These three need immediate investigation by the IRS, CIA and NSA to determine what charges can be brought….especially whether they spent American charity money on encouraging anti human rights legislation in Russia and whether the expenditure of such charitable funds for those political purposes removes their charity status and thus make them liable for tax.

    4. The International Criminal Court should investigate whether these three participated in an international conspiracy to deny Human Rights by encouraging and facilitating anti gay legislation and the denial of internationally recognized freedoms and rights both to Russian citizens and those visiting Russia.

    Where there is clear evidence that these three have participated in a fraudulent misuse of charitable funds that amounts to conspiracy to evade tax and a conspiracy to pervert the course of internationally recognized human rights.

    I suggest that a European Arrest Warrant be issued for these three.
    the USA should do likewise.

  5. says

    @Jack Well said.
    These three (and others unmentioned here) have direct involvement in enactment of laws in foreign countries that are violations of not only US but International treaties on human rights violations.

    We stop this inhumane madness by demanding they be held accountable.

  6. lg says

    YES, the “demons” are these 3 and others, BUT the policy makers in Russia are the place where the buck stops. They are either STUPID or puppets of Putin, who is undergoing, it is reported, more than his mid-life crisis.

  7. Reggie777 says

    The sad truth is that these men consider their connection with the suffering of the LGBT community in Russia as a badge of honor. They are proud of their actions. It is all the more ironic that they do it in the name of their religion.

  8. mikeflower says

    Does any one know that the Koch Bros, the guys who pay NOM & Brian Brown’s bills, own the patent for Lycra. Hence every pair of underwear w Lycra you purchase, the homophobes get paid. Happy shopping, HRC.

  9. Jim says

    There was another group that traveled to Russia before them.

    Check life site news, this is all based around anti abortion and the fear of population collapse. Putin has even mentioned it.