1. BlackLotus says

    “During one of the filmed incidents of humiliation, the group asked our cameraman and director, Ben Steele…” Am I to understand that the documentary maker participated in these “safaris”? I wonder if they were present and filming for any of the murders, and not just torture…

    I really hope this documentary brings an awareness to people other than gays who go online.

  2. Machine says

    @ Mike I guess that depends on your definition of “proof”. We know americans have traveled to Russia and taken credit for the homophobic changes there. We know Russians have given credit to american visitors for “educating” and “empowering” them with the anti-gay protocols we see developing. We also have documentation of the american travels, and can see that anti-gay american and anti-gay russian plans for gays have so much overlap they may as well be the same…
    What proof did you have in mind?

  3. David says

    This is exactly the kind of reporting that NBC should be showing the US audience during their Olympics coverage. Of course, they won’t do anything close to that.

  4. EchtKultig says

    “no network in the u.s. would have the courage or the decency to do this. thanks to channel 4.

    Posted by: Mark”

    So true. The UK television market, whether BBC, ITV, or C4, is so superior to ours. And how many talk shows have they had that were hosted by gay men? Current there are 2 I know of, 2 that are no longer on the air. Graham Norton’s show blows any American interview show, even John Stewart’s Daily Show, out of the water. Leno, Kimmel, Letterman, whatever…they have some funny segments but overall they are one big snorefest in comparison. Colbert and Craig Ferguson just might reach his level of off-the-cuff wit.

  5. Jollysocks says

    While it’s great that Channel 4 is going to be airing this to a wider audience, I am still disturbed by the prospect of a film crew standing there shooting someone being tortured and doing nothing to stop it. I can’t imagine a cameraman and director just standing there while someone was being tortured in Syria.

    And yes, I get that the crew wouldn’t have this footage as evidence if they did try to intervene, but you can tell even the crew feels guilt about this (the director essentially saying “if I stop filming, they may kill him”)


    Stating the obvious here: it goes beyond the gays, it speaks of the lack of empathy and the volume of violence of that society. Racism is rampant too –if you care to search-, take any topic and there you will find what kind of society Russia is today. As in any violent brutish society they think it is a kind of macho value while in fact it only serves to hurt themselves.

  7. nicole says

    I’m scared to watch this, simply because the advertisement upsets me.
    I hope with everything I am, that this documentary makes a difference.
    Everybody deserves to feel comfortable living within their own skin.
    I can’t stress enough how much I am hoping this will help change the way people are treated in Russia, they should be educated on what being homosexual is and what it entails -simply because they are linking it to pedophilia. They should be educated on the difference.
    I find it disturbing that the crew were filming others being tortured without prevention, but in a way I admire their courage, for being able to return with footage to shock the public.
    This needs to be changed!

  8. Sad says

    Am surprised this comment section has not been flooded yet with our Russian trolls that will tell you this is all propaganda and the West some how went to Russia and faked all of this.

    After this preview, I am scared to actually watch this but hope it will be available to other countries soon.

  9. Just Sayin' says

    I’d like to see interviews with the cameraman and interviewer…

    If US people stood by and did this there would be a big outrage, but when UK people do it, it’s good journalism for a cause ?

  10. miami says

    Having been to Russia many times its is really sad how hetero-sexual relations are so miserable. The high levels of promiscuous women/men, high divorce rates, astronomical abortion rates and sexual diseases (because men refuse to wear condoms and prefer women to get pregnant as proof of their virility but not to carry children to birth), high levels of alcoholism, horrible numbers of poor/homeless old women/babushkas begging in front of the subway/metro, abandoned old women whose husbands long ago died from alcohol related diseases. Hetro-society and hetro families are mostly complete and utter failures, nearly half are destroyed by social/psycho/economic problems. And the political elite see it fit to destroy the lives of the LGBT community because they have no options, cannot stop suffocating the economic future of the nation, and stop stealing. Plus there are deep, dark closets at the highest levels of government that everybody knows exists but are too afraid to mention even outside of MR mother Russia. No one is safe from this regime.

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