Ireland to Recognize Foreign Gay Marriages if 2015 Referendum is Approved

IrelandIreland is planning a public referendum on same-sex marriage before the summer of 2015, and made a new announcement yesterday:

A Department of Justice spokesman last night confirmed that – prior to the referendum – same-sex marriages in England and Wales would be recognised as civil partnerships in Ireland.

If the referendum allowing same sex marriage in Ireland is passed, however, unions that took place in 45 foreign countries will be granted retrospective recognition as marriages in this jurisdiction.


  1. says

    The “Iona Institute” is a Catholic kind of ‘think-tank’ which has been saving up all its funds to fight this very referendum. ( I’m sorry to say that much of its funding comes from USA).
    It is extremist, backward thinking, reactive and malevolant; the last thing it wants is gay rights…..those Catholics in Iona still think we have a disease called: “intrinsic disordered”
    It has all its spokesmen in line; it will stop at nothing to twist, cajole, bully the older generation into opposing same sex marriage.
    The “Iona Institute” Dublin, should be torn down and shamed in public. BTW, it’s attached to a Catholic college.

    On this referendum the very last thing we should be is complacent; I don’t believe that the polls are a true reflection of opinion, which is often disguised …..people are secretive about their discrimination, not forthright.

    But we are ready also for a major battle, at last……..I see it as a simple confrontation between hypocritical molesting celibate priests who know nothing of any marriage and even less of homosexuality and who try, like Putin, to conflate their obsessive proclivities with the rest of us who demand our Constitutional rights of equality.
    They will stop at no low innuendo. The “Iona Institute” will play as dirty as possible; let us be ready.

    But make no mistake the wounded dragon of the Catholic church is as venomous as ever.

  2. Canadian Observer says

    While I agree that equality should not be subject to the whim of any electorate, Ireland is in the position of being bound to submit any constitutional change to a referendum – there is no other route forward other than to hold a referendum – it is an absolute constitutional requirement. Critics should bear this in mind when looking at the situation.

  3. says

    Hit the nail on the head. We can never rest when equality is subject to legislation or referendum.

    Not anywhere.

    Justice Shelby addressed the unconstitutionality of voting on fundamental rights in his Utah ruling. That’s one of the reasons why I’d like to see that case go to SCOTUS so that they have the opportunity to make that declaration part of their ruling.

  4. Ken says

    We need to use all means necessary to achieve equality, including a referendum. I personally find a referendum to be no more objectionable than have to go begging to a legislature to enact equality.

  5. Simon says

    If you poll the Catholics in the US, you will probably get the same kind of percentage. They are as a whole more “liberal” than the other religious groups. And Ireland is mostly Catholic.

  6. andrew says

    I bPoblacht na hEireann beidh referendum maidir le leasu an bunreacht chun ligean posadh ghneas ceanna a bheith ar Siuki Bealtaine 2015. It is expected that about 80% of the Irish voters will approve this required amendment to their Constitution to permit same sex marriage.

  7. woody says

    The catholic church has engendered such ill will in ireland that most people will vote against its wishes. After all the sex abuse of kids, the magdalene laundries abuse of young women and the recent unnecessary death of woman who was refused a life saving abortion after severe complications in the hospital, the catholic church has very little cred in ireland.
    the catholic church… so full of the love of jesus…

  8. andrew says

    Fortunately after centuries of being such a “priest bound’ nation the people of Ireland can take MLK’s quote to heart: “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, We are free at last”.

  9. JackFknTwist says

    @ ANDREW & WOODY :

    I hope you are right. ta suil agam go bhfuil an cert agaibh.

    I often think that if Jesus came back now he would be burned at the stake or excommunicated.
    The whole repressed sexuality issue has destroyed the self aggrandizing empire that the Catholic Church is.
    People in the past tried to reform it; St. Francis, sought to bring the church back to its purpose – none of it worked, ever.
    The church is the main corruption holding back civilization by promoting ‘faith’ instead of ‘reason’…..blind belief, instead of rational thought.
    And all the religious creeps cling to hereafter !

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