1. n1 says

    Could this be the “door-in-the-face” method being employed by these anti-gay Kansasans(sp?)? Start with a larger request (a more repulsive one) that is expected to be refused, and then move on to a smaller request (less repulsive) in the hopes of increasing the odds of the second request being accepted?
    ‘Well, it’s ok to deny gays service at restaurants, bakeries, florists, movie theaters, etc., because we’re not denying them police, fire, and medical services’.

    Regardless, from my perspective it seems that any anti-gay idea gets passed in some form or another almost immediately in the USA, and it takes forever to deconstruct it. Even if the anti-gay idea dosn’t pass, average anti-gay citizens will apply it anyway with impunity. Well, when Kansas does pass whatever form of anti-gay protocol it intends, gays and their allies can start the long process of line by line, year by year, deconstructing it… Maybe you can get the job done before Russia needs to renew its 100 year ban on gay pride…

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