1. Jonnycakes says

    Can’t wait for all the comments about “assless chaps” being redundant.

    Sort of like “promiscuous pool boy.”

  2. anon says

    Oh, it would be so easy to make this ep interesting by throwing in a character based on Porno Pete LaBarbera, who never fails to attend Folsom with video crew in tow!

  3. Bob Hope says

    Assless Chaps may be the most irritating phrase ever.

    Chaps are always assless. The character is trying to say Assless Pants.

    It would be like saying someone’s wearing a Sleeveless Tank-top.

  4. Scott says

    Why do we need some Porno Pete character? The last thing that I want is for Looking to become some sort of Gay After-school special with a weekly political message a la Queer as Folk. That seems like an honest conversation between to gay guys that aren’t part of the whatever segment of gay society. Non-athletic guys talk about the gay kickball/rugby/dodgeball leagues. Non-leather guys gawk at that crowd. Non-A-list types lament their exclusion. I’m enjoying Looking as an example of a show that portrays gay men not as some snarky sit-com or some political message. I don’t want a shooting star with a #TheMoreYouKnow to follow every episode.

  5. Zlick says

    No, assless chaps may be technically incorrect, but I believe it refers to people who wear the chaps with nothing underneath.

    In any event, it looks like this might at last be a cute episode. I like immature goofy guy flirting with his boys about leather men.

  6. Zlick says

    hahaha, supposed to be “flirting with his BOSS.” There’s a freudian typo if ever there was one!

  7. BobN says

    “but I believe it refers to people who wear the chaps with nothing underneath.”

    Wouldn’t that be assfull chaps?

  8. Richard says

    Enough with the “gay” shows about shallow, crusing boys. We have to demand more from television than these minstrel-show gay depictions.

  9. Bill says

    @Zlick : I thought “assless chaps” referred to chaps worn by a guy who had the opposite of a bubble butt.

  10. Eric says

    An incredibly banal show which illustrates one thing very clearly – just how boring San Francisco really is. And I live there.