Lotus Apologizes for Posting Pro-Gay Tweet Featuring Photo of Two Men Kissing


Formula 1 team Lotus was forced to apologize after publishing a tweet that featured two men kissing with the message: "Ahead of the opening ceremony, we would like to wish all athletes a successful 2014 Olympic Winter Games #Sochi2014"

The BBC reports:

The Lotus F1 tweet upset top management and shareholders of the team, who are owned by the investment group Genii Capital, because it was causing problems for their business.

Genii is a multi-billion pound company with investments around the globe, including significant interests in Russia.

The Lotus team have a new Russian backer, mobile phone company Yotaphone. Its parent company Yota Devices is poised to buy a 10% shareholding in the team.


  1. says

    Check your portfolios. If you have any money invested through this entity remove it promptly. An investment firm that allows discrimination is not a firm you want to be doing business with.

  2. louis says

    I would have told them that they can stick their Lotus and cellphones where the sun doesn’t shine before I’d ever apologize.

  3. woodroad34 says

    I wonder if in actuality it was a stealth comment and they actually meant it but then did a coquettish (with index finger in cheek dimple)….”oops, my bad – tee hee”

  4. Brian1 says

    I know people here find facts boring, but I’m going to correct the article anyway. Genii Capital is a tiny investment firm, that I guarantee none of you do business with. It mostly just owns Lotus It also has no business in Russia. It’s really odd that the article would assume that the investment firm ordered the retraction of the pro-gay tweet instead of the Russian company that owns ten percent of Lotus. Clearly Votafone, not Genii, is the culprit here.

  5. Mutant says

    @ Randy; my thoughts exactly.
    The apology was more anti-gay than the original tweet was pro-gay. By apologizing they admit fault in normalizing gays; homophobic.

  6. Philip Wester says

    What do you expect from a company (Genii Capital) who named themselves after a nation of space villains from “Stargate Atlantis”?

  7. says

    If I’m not mistaken that’s the same gay kiss picture that raised a stink on Facebook a short while ago.

    Why post support and then apologize for it? Was it posted without authorization? Does Genii Capital not support equality? If they do then why cave to pressure from one investor?

  8. KM says

    Shouldn’t you people be focusing your outrage on the people that bullied them into apologizing?

  9. WickedWitch says

    @ KM; We do all the time. Don’t worry, there’s enough outrage for homophobes one and all.

  10. Rexford says

    But can we just get FIA to cancel the Russian Formula 1 Race that’s been scheduled to take place in Sochi in October? It was one of Putin’s pet projects to get a Formula 1 Race in the country. FIA pulled out of South Africa over apartheid.

  11. FFS says

    I’m going to need to see the uncropped version of that photo before I can arrive at a determination of who’s at fault, here.

  12. Neil says

    Levi Poulter and Paul Francis, photo shoot called “Kissing Paul” from November 2008 BeautifulMag. Do a search and you’ll find mosre uncropped shots.

  13. Neil says

    I meant to type “more uncropped shots.” I should mention also that the photography is the work of David Vance.

  14. says

    Did they really mean to post THAT photo? What does a picture of two shirtless guys kissing have to do with the Olympics? It’s odd for a business to post something like that. There are less provocative ways to show support (even though there’s really nothing wrong with that photo).