1. Jim says

    It’s not over. Tea Bagger neo-confederate Republicans will try again next year or the year after just as they keep trying to nullify abortion rights by attacking abortion providers with impossible-to-meet requirements and regulations. The only way this attack on gay people will be over is when voters turn the Tea Baggers out of office once and for all. Nobody’s civil rights are safe if Tea Baggers are in power.

  2. Bill says

    I suspect they are going to try more subtle ways of pushing their homophobic agenda, and there’s an historical precedent. During the 1960s, conservatives reacted badly to the civil rights movement, but it had become less and less acceptable to be overtly racist. So, during an election in Boston, a reactionary named Louise Day Hicks ran a campaign whose slogan was “You know where I stand,” and the racists in the area knew (or thought they knew which is politically just as useful) what she meant. has a summary of what went on at that time. It’s worth reading as we can expect the same sort of tactics to be used again.

  3. Xanadu says

    The Mississippi bill has not been stripped of anything; a paragraph was added to placate the Mississippi Economic Council and now SB 2681 goes on to a committee vote sometime this week. Please update your reporting!

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