Marcus Brandon May Be the First Out Gay Black Congressman, from NC

Clay Aiken is not the only gay man running for Congress from North Carolina, the Washington Blade reports:

BrandonIf he wins his bid to represent North Carolina’s 12th congressional district in the U.S. House, he could become the first openly gay black person elected to Congress.

Brandon, 39, says that distinction would be “really significant” because black people within the LGBT community tend to suffer most in terms of discrimination, but he asks potential supporters to look at his full body of work as the reason to back his candidacy.

“I tell people don’t vote for me because I’m gay, [but] because I passed more bills than anybody in the race,” Brandon said. “And so, we’re about effectiveness. So, for people to see my work, it really makes it a much more powerful conversation to say, ‘You know what, we really don’t care about his sexuality; we’re just glad he put 10 new schools in our district.’”

Find Brandon's campaign website HERE.


  1. says

    I got a phone call a few weeks back, and after they’d ascertained it was me that answered, I got a “Could you please hold on for a moment to talk to the candidate?”

    That floored me a bit; Not the raising of money, but that the actual candidate was willing to talk to donors. It’s a connection that no other candidate that I’ve known of on this level has done.

    Support Marcus!

  2. says

    Hear! Hear!

    It seems such a ridiculous stretch that Mr. Aiken, with ZERO experience as a legislator would really be able to do any good for NC without first getting his nose bloodied a few times on the floor experience-wise, whereas Rep. Brandon already has a track record. I know who I’d certainly be supporting were I an NC resident.

  3. andrew says

    I wish Mr. Brandon well. When Towleroad states that “Black people within the LGBT community tend to suffer most in terms of discrimination” honesty should require that they state that much of that discrimination comes from the Black Community.

  4. SpaceCadet says


    That was Mr. Brandon’s assertion, not Towleroad’s so Towleroad isn’t required to state anything.

  5. Factoids says

    Actually, the discrimination is a product of race and sexual orientation, which doesn’t come from other Black people. It comes from the same sources it always does. Those with economic and social control in the overall society. For example, the Williams study on poverty from a few years back, if you look at the poverty issue, a portion of it is about people of color. For example, we tend to have more children than the white gay couple (both in the south or in NYC) so marriage inequality harmed us more. We tend to need the benefits of equal housing and anti-job discrimination laws more as well. The gay part just adds to the problems that we face in a society that loves to discriminate on multiple fronts, whether its class, race, gender or orientation.


    Also to add Andrew this community has always had racism issues since Obama said he believes that people should marry the one they love most non black gays have either shut off their racism and have begun to embrace. Every race discriminates against gays of the same race. It just Blacks

  7. andrew says

    @SPACECADET: Read the 2nd paragraph again. There are no quotes around the words that I sited to indicate they are quoting Mr. Brandon. In fact the sentence I sited continues: “but he asks …” doesn’t sound like Mr. Brandon speaking.

  8. andrew says

    @FACTOIDS: You can point the finger of blame at “those with economic and social control in the overall society”, but to ignore the fact that much of the homophobia in the Black community comes right out of the mouths of the Black preachers in the Black Churches is to ignore a painful reality.

  9. Factoids says

    Discussing facts is not pointing fingers. Its like saying because the earth rotates around the sun that’s making a judgment about Creationalism. It is. But not in the way the religious nut job believes. What I am proving here by discussing facts is that you are either delusional (that’s being charitable) and need to believe your delusions just like the religious nut job needs to believe his or her delusions.

  10. Factoids says

    By the way, its really odd how this site attracts racist and never seems to tell them to stop. Is it that desperate for clicks?

  11. wheelie81 says

    I’m pretty sure I’m the first openly gay, white, 30 year old in my city…where is my story damnit?!?!?

  12. andrew says

    @FACTOIDS: There is nothing delusional or racist about stating the fact that much of the homophobia in the Black Community comes right out of the Black Churches. Most of the Black Churches like the homophobic White Fundamentalist Protestants Churches are “bible believers”. They quote that primitive tome to back up and justify their homophobia. Try not playing the race card when exchanging ideas with folks. The purpose of playing the race card is to silence people with whom you disagree. What it achieves is undermining the credibility of the race card player.