1. Matt27 says

    Bruno Mars is talented and gifted musician. I like him. Very energetic show. Good performance.

  2. Keith says

    why aren’t you reporting on Phillip Seymore Hoffman’s death? we get tons of other un gay news if, for example some hot straight actor is shirtless. but an extremely talented actor dies in NYC and nothing. i guess if he had been hot, you’d be all over it.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    He’s gifted and talented and very personable/funny too (from what I saw when he hosted SNL) and yet I never been really excited about his performances and music, although there are several of his songs I really like. But I guess after Madonna and then Beyonce, the hype and excitement level is going to diminish.

  4. Donny says

    “And he pulled it all off without entering like Cleopatra.”

    And it was boring. And no one is talking about it. And it was boring.

  5. Alex N says

    Andy swipes Madonna as regularly as he wipes his ass. Ma-ma-ma monster! But his general efforts outshine his bitterness.

  6. Randy says

    I enjoyed the halftime show. I had kept hearing about Bruno Mars before but hadn’t made an effort to check out his music, but he did a great job.

  7. David says

    Bruno Mars, excellent show! Madonna, excellent show! Loved them both and they were both very entertaining in their own respects.