1. BreckRoy says

    I was watching it live and the repirter was way out of line. Bode Miller was fine until she started pushing in a bald faced, manipulative way. When she finally broke him, she gave him this insincere pat on the arm to “comfort him” and then moved on to her next interview, leaving him breaking down in the snow by himself. It was ridiculous and Miller–who has incidentally been one of the few athletes to speak up directly about the anti-gay laws in Russia, criticizing them before the Games even began–didn’t deserve that.

  2. LuckyLinden says

    Yeah, Miller is a class act in that statement (as he was when he unabashedly called Russia’s anti gay laws out in pre-Olympic interviews) because what that woman did was disrespectful and indefensible. I am sure she was just following her reporter’s instincts to get “good TV” but a true professional knows when to stop and think like a human. My boyfriend and I were screaming at the TV for her to shut up and leave him alone last night. She was marring his Olympic achivement that night in so many ways. We were so disgusted.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The director should be catching flack for this too, not just the reporter. Keeping the camera on him as he collapses in tears. Trying different camera angles of crying Bode. Jesus.

  4. Billy says

    The NBC Olympics live for this kind of emotional human interest story. Bode could have easily just said thanks and walked away.

  5. dixichuk says

    It was a disgusting display of the worst of journalism. Her job at that point would be to focus on the American Silver Medal winner, Andrew Weibrecht, a long shot, ask about the technical aspects, maybe some first thoughts, NOT to pound and dig and bully him for her/NBC benefit or pretend to be some Oprah/Barbara Walters of the olympics. Shameful and embarassing. Get her off the ice.

  6. Markt says

    What’s great about the Towleroad comments is that the posters never manipulate any situation so that they can jump in and appear morally superior. It’s really great.

  7. will says

    Oh, good grief. This is culture we live in: the reporter asks the questions that make the interviewee break down as the camer moves in for the kill, zooms in and scans the face, the suffering eyes, the choking mouth. Barbara Walters is a prime candidate for ushering in this reporting style. Let’s all bash her. This is hardly one reporter’s fault. We American’s have been RESPONDING to this type of interview by the resulting higher ratings.

  8. Gigi says

    @MARKT — What’s great about the Towleroad comments is that trolls are given free reign to post right alongside normal, sentient people.

  9. GregV says

    “I make my living off the Evening News
    Just give me somethin’, somethin’ I can use
    People love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry

    We got the bubble headed bleach blonde who comes on at five
    She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye
    It’s interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry

    Can we film the operation? Is the head dead yet?
    You know the boys in the newsroom got a running bet
    Get the widow on the set! We need dirty laundry

    Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
    Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down…”

  10. Markt says

    Really – He brought it up for Chrissakes. He was asking to talk about it. I’m sure he didn’t expect to breakdown; but there you go – being human is unpredictable sometimes. She only followed his lead and it would have been rude of her to not follow him there. You guys love to be offended – I guess it’s all you have.

  11. BreckRoy says

    @Markt, he answered her question the first time. And then made clear the ski was NOT about his brother, specifically, and still she KEPT pushing because she saw him start to tear a bit. She also neglected to ask about anything technical (despite being a former medalist herself who is presumably there for inside the sport technical knowledge and commentary) and ignored the big story…an silver medal ulset by a teammate of Miller’s that Miller gave advice to right before he skied and knocked Miller into 3rd.. or even that Miller was now the holder of tso records with this medal…every question was some sort of repeat of the last until he broke…and then she walked off. Not cool.

  12. LuckyLinden says

    Markt, being compassionate toward another’s circumstance is not the same as being offended for no reason. Am I personally offended? Nope. Was that low-rent, predatory journalism? Yup.

  13. Eugene says

    On one hand, it’s manipulative. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be perpetuating that its somehow shameful or inappropriate for a man to cry.

  14. Dastius Krazitauc says

    This reminds me of Katie Couric’s interview with David Smith, the father of the boys Susan Smith drowned in their car in South Carolina. Katie wasn’t getting enough emotion from him, so she asked, “What do you feel when you think of your boys strapped in the sinking car, alone, wondering, ‘Where’s Mommie, where’s Daddie’?”. Fortunately, he still deprived her of the tears she wanted. I have loathed Katie Couric ever since.

  15. dixichuk says

    @ Will. We also live in a culture that still hates gay people. There is a difference in what the culture is and what we accept. Barbara Walters would be an appropriate venue for this kind of interview. Both parties know the parameters. Not only did she blindside and badger the poor guy, but she ignored the higher US silver medal winner. He hadn’t medaled in any other competitions for 4 years, was a long shot,he never won more than bronze and she steals his moment for bottom feeding journalishm.

  16. JeremyDC says

    @Eugene, I don’t think anyone is saying that. Men, especially at the Olympics, cry all the time (the winner of the event that Bode came in 3rd in cried like a baby when he got to the bottom of the slope and realized he’d won). I think we’re saying it’s wrong, as it has always been, to set out to *make* someone cry. Or hope they might cry, solely for entertainment/”news” value.

  17. Eugene says

    No, tears of joy are not the same at all. The thing about the notion that men shouldn’t cry is about not showing vulnerability. And this may be one of the reasons why this story is so jarring.

  18. BreckRoy McAllester says

    I just disagree @ Eugene. Maybe being only 35 means I’ve had a different experience, but I did grow up in the military and then move to Texas for 8 years before coming back to DC and I can say that men cry far more now and people are used to it. No one I can think of would be unforgiving of a man crying over a dead immediate family member, or even uncomfortable with it. I know plenty of conservative, even-tea party alph man and jock types who still bawled like infants when their parents, spouse, or children (in one case) died. Plus, if you follow Bode Miller at all, you know he’s hyper sensitive and almost needy at times to go with this manwhore bravado. I don’t know that anyone was put off or jarred by a man grieving his dead little brother. It was the way the reporter pushed on the wound until it finally bled that was so disheartening and jarring. It seemed so inhumane.

  19. miles says

    she pushed too much..she should have left it alone after one question..perhaps she was looking for the emotional tears..

  20. Ninong says

    Christin Cooper’s questioning of Bode Miller about his younger brother’s death was digusting and unprofessional!

    To make matters worse, in a later recap of the action, NBC actually showed Bode Miller in tears, crouched down on the ground, and said he was shedding tears of joy over winning another Olympic medal.

    NBC’s reporters’ questioning of athletes has become so predictable and boring that the athletes could simply print out their answers in advance: (1) for victory, (2) for defeat.

  21. Mick says

    Since I’m boycotting the Olympics by not watching them on TV, I was surprised to read first thing this morning that this incredible man had forgiven the reporter for this incident. Here I see the footage of what actually happened. Bode Miller is a wonderfully sensitive and forgiving man, and true example of what our USA athletes represent. This clip brought a tear to my eye. I hope he knows that we all love and support him, and that we are very proud of him.

  22. Pookie says

    The oldest alpine ski medalist in Olympic history…


    I’m going to focus on that, I have to admire him for that.

  23. Rick A. says

    It was fine until that last question– that’s where I felt she went over the line. She could see he was getting emotional– she should have stopped. Very unprofessional.

  24. Stephen says

    I have not seen ONE SECOND of the Olympics. I do not own a TV and this interview is an example of why I choose not to have one. Media these days is poison. There are more important things to do than sit in front of the old “Boob Tube”

  25. parkrunner says

    Stephen wins! He is superior to us all in every way. He does gobs of stuff more important than watching TV. He is currently working to bring down the Berlin Wall, finishing his doctorate in rocket surgery and finding a job in alchemy. He’s way better than any of us. Way better, and don’t you forget it. If you do, don’t worry, he’ll remind you.

  26. RexT says

    Bode Miller, a tremendous athlete, one of those Skier’s who keeps competitive skiing alive. He’s a Star – and watching him Ski is always a highlight, there aren’t many who are fairly common household names these days. He’s always been emotional, and he’s been a bundle of emotion since he arrived in Sochi, focused, determined, each run and every race, crossing the finish line, on top his goal.

    He has stood up and by Cooper post interview. That works for me, and I support and applaud his doing so. If you listen to Miller and Cooper, he’s also encouraging her to go deeper and he wanted his brother right there in the moment with him, painful as hell though it was. He’s not unfamiliar with having a reporter in his face and knows how to shut it down.

    Attacking Christin, is only causing further emotional distress to Bode. Her motives within the job she does weren’t to ‘harm’ him in someway, he knows that. If he felt she had somehow come at him in a manner worthy of criticism, he’s not shy and he’d say so.

    Hats off to Bode Miller and his great career representing Team USA and keeping the sport of Skiing exciting.

  27. says

    “Reporters” are doing this, all the time, anymore. Everything is drama, everything is milk-able for emotion. This one just went another step further down a path we’ve allowed [visual, especially] media to go for years. It’s all Entertainment Reporting, and it’s our own, SOMA-fed fault.

  28. Gary says

    I have watched very little of this particular Olympics, except for this particular event….
    NBC sports and reporting is so bad….I hope you are in the red on this…..What am appallingly bad way to present/report on an individual’s personal life and private thoughts. Stick to the sport and the technicalities. Not everything has to or needs to be some sort of human interest story for you to sell byte by byte. No respect…I won’t watch you again. Sensationalist trash TV…I’d fire both the reporter and the director/producer. You DESERVE the backlash over this.