1. HadenoughBS says

    Russian and IOC officials are so full of disgusting crap on this issue while the UN Secretary-General is to be applauded for his pro-LGBT remarks. At least he’s speaking up while so many US corporate sponsors have remained silent.

    I hope nothing bad happens to the participants – athletes, coaches and spectators – while in Sochi. However, corrupt Russia’s bad record on so many issues with its own citizens and neighbors has sowed the seeds for potential problems – even with its massive security showing. I can’t think of another Olympic games where the US military has stationed Navy ships nearby should they be needed to assist Americans fleeing the host city.

  2. northalabama says

    the attacks are unacceptable, let’s hope a continued spotlight chases the offenders into the dark.

    we actually owe so much to putin – without his anti-gay laws being passed by russia in the months leading to the olympic games, this brand of discrimination would have never seen a national spotlight. thanks, vlad?

  3. Jack M says

    Gen. Ki-Moon has always been outspoken against discrimination and other human rights violations. Glad he is not afraid to make his voice heard.

  4. UGH says

    “Please don’t touch the kids, that’s the only thing.”

    Will the “gay = pedophile” myth every die the death it deserves? Makes me want to vomit every time.

  5. NightJob says

    Thank you, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon; it is because of people like you that I do not feel like I have literally fallen down the rabbit hole…