1. Gregory In Seattle says

    I believe the best term is “deathrattle.” The Republicans are getting more and more desperate to preserve their bigotry, and it is only going to drive more and more people away from the GOP.

    “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

  2. rroberts says

    Gotta love Rachel !! As she so often does, she really points out the stupidity of the whole thing.

  3. Eric says


    Um, not in Oklahoma. Oklahoma was actually heavily Democratic until the mid-1990s, when there was a sea change over to the Republican Party. Indeed, at one time Oklahoma even had the largest Socialist Party membership in the US.

    Now it is almost exclusively run by Republicans from the top to the bottom. The Republican Party may be on its last legs in the US, but in OK it reigns supreme.

  4. Jaysonn says

    Lets see how many law suits are filed if straight people can’t get married. Most people would not put up with the new laws. They have to know that.

  5. Joe says

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to have the state guide them every step of the way when organizing their own lives. Nobody is talking about banning or getting rid of marriage in Oklahoma. Only that the state will get out of the business of regulating personal relationships altogether. Consenting adults would be free to define marriage on their own terms. If someone doesn’t want to “live in sin” they can mosey on down to their local church and get their relationship blessed in a religious marriage. If the state leaves people to be free to live their own lives nobody will have their rights limited, restricted or taken away. On the contrary, people will be more free then they ever have been.

    That is what we should be striving for. After all, bigotry and discrimination based on human characteristics can only exist in any meaningful way when the bigots are able to use the state’s legal monopoly on the use of force for their own purposes.

  6. Jay says

    It’s not fair or accurate to say that Oklahoma is planning this. One legislator has floated the idea and he claims to have some backing. I’m sure there are some insane NY legislators who have proposed anti gay measures, but you wouldn’t say that “New York” is planning this course of action.

  7. Lymis says

    > Nobody is talking about banning or getting rid of marriage in Oklahoma. Only that the state will get out of the business of regulating personal relationships altogether.

    Not true, because marriage is inextricably linked to the benefits and privileges that accrue to it.

    If something like this passed, then nobody in Oklahoma would be considered married for state purposes, and if anyone wanted federal marriage rights or benefits, they’d have to marry out of state.

    Things like being legal next of kin for your spouse would go out the window in favor of your nearest blood relative unless you go to the added hassle and expense of powers of attorney. No social security. No community property. No protections via divorce. For that matter, it may throw a lot of things into question about things like child custody.

    I’m assuming that the idiots proposing this think that religious marriage automatically conveys civil marriage, and that all they are doing in eliminating the option of marrying at city hall, while still having church weddings be legal marriages. They wouldn’t be.

  8. Lexis says

    Of course, it’s stupid, but on the other hand, if things were taken away from straight people that some of them take for granted, then maybe more of them would understand.

  9. Uncle Ho says

    This is dumber than a pickpocket in a nudist camp! What’s gonna happen when people can no longer get ‘Married’ rates for things like car insurance and income tax? Will out of state marriages be recognized or not? Out of state gay marriages? Of course I really didn’t have to ask that last question, right? I was stationed there way back when and I’ve never had the need or desire to return.