Olympic Snowboarder Brodown: PHOTO


Norwegian snowboarder Stale Sandbech posted this chummy photo to his Instagram yesterday, writing:

"Heavy brodown with the bro's! @markmcmorris @sagekotsenburg"

McMorris is a Canadian snowboarder and Kotsenburg is the U.S. snowboarder who won the first gold medal in Snowboard Slopestyle this week.


  1. Håkon says

    I noticed this when it aired, and I loved it. I got the sensation that they wanted to be even more affectionate, but then remembered that they were in Russia. All three are very pro-gay rights, from what I have heard.

  2. Randy says

    “This generation of guys is so much more relaxed about expressing affection.”

    The gay agenda is working! Soon, they will be too interested in house-shopping and cuddling to notice when we take over the world with our robot army.

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