1. MaryM says

    What’s stopping him then?

    Issue the damned executive order already.

    Waiting for those useless reprobates in Congress to do anything is pointless. Congress is utterly worthless at the moment. The way the Republic**ts have strangled that House is shameful.

  2. Goodlee says

    Why is this so hard to accomplish? We know for a fact that rabid anti-gay persons make LGBT peoples’ lives hell in real world ways. Implementing this brings us closer to diminishing their hate.

    Speechless here.

  3. jeff says

    The executive order has a fatal weakness. It will only last until a future president overturns it. President Obama is reluctant to “give congress a pass” to not work on ENDA, and put in place an order that he knows will not be permanent.

  4. JJ says

    “Labor Sec’y Perez Says an ‘ENDA’ Executive Order Continues to Be Under Consideration”

    How on Earth did anyone take that meaning from those remarks? Perez said, “it’s an issue that we continue to contemplate and work on”–“it” being equal access to opportunity. Carney’s bottom line regarding an EO was, “I don’t have any update for you on that kind of proposition.” This sounds to me like the press trying to wag the dog by putting words in people’s mouths.

  5. Will says

    There has NEVER been an Executive Order overturned in the United States since George Washington was elected. It would be political suicide for the GOP party in this country and would further diminish the USA’s stature in the eyes of other countries. Would never happen.