1. Derrick from Philly says

    I love Boy George…have since the 1980s.

    But I was getting ready to make one of my attempts at humour (which don’t always work, I know. But I’m better at it than Rick).

    I was gonna’ say, what would Boy George have come out of? Not the closet, honey. Like me, he couldn’t have gotten into one.

    Then I realized that George may not have always had feminine ways, and probably not flamboyant as a child. So, maybe his family didn’t know.

    And even if you are a gender role non-conforming child, and by teenage years you assume that everyone knows that you are Gay or Transgender–it’s not the same thing as “coming out” or making an announcement to family.

    I always assumed everyone knew I was Gay. Hell, folks would see me from half a city block away and say, “look at that faggot.”

    I’ve never had a formal coming out discussion with my family or classmates or co-workers. I just knew they knew, and they do. They surely know when I talk about these cute college boys (yes, I know I’m risking my job…well, they are cute!)

  2. Roland says

    Boy George (born George O’Dowd)….Piers Morgan (born Piers O’Meara) ……John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, David Bowie…..what is it with all these “British” stars being of Irish descent?

  3. Johnny says

    I agree with his opinion that coming out is a personal choice. But I don’t like that look with the hat and the beard. He doesn’t look feminine; he looks like a rabbi.

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