Rihanna Offers ‘Principle 6′ Support for LGBT Russians, Athletes at Sochi: PHOTO


Rihanna is the latest celebrity to don the clothing of the Principle 6 campaign, created as a way to stand in solidarity with LGBT Russians and athletes during the Sochi Games and not violate the country's anti-gay propaganda laws.

Tweeting a photo from her Instagram account wearing a 'P6' cap, Rihanna linked to a Frank Bruni article on the campaign: "#P6 @voguemagazine @alexanderwangny @athleteally —-> http://bruni.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/01/23/fashion-fairness-and-the-olympics #AntiDiscrimination"

Rihanna has nearly 46 million followers on her Instagram and Twitter accounts combined.


  1. David says

    Wow. This will really protect those gay people in Russia. As a crowbar comes crashing down on some gay guy’s skull, he can take solace in Rihanna’s stylish tweet. This goes right up there with yesterday’s story about how a few members of Congress posed for photos with NoH8, again “in solidarity” with the Russians. Those beaten and bloodied Russians are truly blessed to have such an abundance of VIPs posing for photographs!

  2. Oh vey says

    As usual, someone like “David” has to whine that someone who helps isn’t good enough for him. It’s like the homeless guy that bitches when you only gave him a 5 instead of a 20.

  3. alex says

    @David: Is Rihanna friends with Putin or Yoweri Museveni? If not, what exactly are you expecting her to do that would help gay people in Russia, Uganda, or the countless other places where we are oppressed?

  4. SpaceCadet says

    It’s good to see Rihanna proclaiming herself an ally of LGBT. That is good enough for me. She has a lot of fans/followers and media attention. It’s not like she’s required to send in Navy Team Seal 6 to take out Putin or personally rescue Russian LGBT people.

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