Scott Lively: Human Rights Watch Video of Violence Against Gays is a Hoax


American evangelical hatemonger Scott Lively says the devastating Human Rights Watch video which details the violence against LGBT people in Russia is a hoax.

Scott_livelyWrites Lively in a column on fellow hater Matt Barber's website:

"I have just two words in response the Human Rights Watch video of supposed homosexual harassment in Russia: Matthew Shepard. I say the Human Rights Watch video is just another piece of deceptive Machiavellian 'gay' propaganda, offered to prove the completely false narrative that all disapproval of homosexuality leads to hatred and murder. Whether or not any parts of the video are unstaged, the product as a whole is perpetrating a hoax. Do not be fooled. The 'gays' are not the victims, at least not as a class. In stories like this they are usually the bullies beating up each other (or themselves) on and off camera, sometimes by consent, to dupe the public into granting them collective 'victim status,' with all of the extensive social and political benefits that entails."

Lively, of course, has happily taken credit for Russia's anti-gay laws and believe's Putin is Earth's last hope for redemption.

“Yes, I think I influenced the Russian law,” Lively said. While some gay rights activists still think he’s just a laughingstock, Boris Dittrich, the director of LGBT advocacy for Human Rights Watch, tends to confirm Lively’s claims. Russia was plenty homophobic before Lively’s arrival but the American pastor appears to have given shape to that free-floating hatred, Dittrich said. As he passed through Russia’s regions, Lively met with politicians and bans on homosexual propaganda followed, spreading to more than a half-dozen areas before Putin swept them into a national standard.

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  1. anon says

    The problem is that many of videos were posted by the perpetrators who were proud of what they had done. Is Lively condemning their actions? Does that mean that gay men don’t deserve the death penalty as he’s been saying for years now?

  2. Mike says

    Wow! If bigots like Scott Lively are desperately playing the “Matthew Shepard was a hoax card” which in itself is a hoax then ALL the anti gays are at the bottom of the barrel and there is NOTHING left. NOTHING . . .

  3. says

    Too bad he’s not a giraffe. Since human eugenics are considered immoral (of course, not by this bastard), the best one could hope for would be his sudden, natural demise. Otherwise, as far as I’m concerned, he should be euthanized like a rabid animal for spreading such diseased thoughts. He’s a cancer of the feeble-minded masses.

  4. Keith says

    Wow, just wow. How does someone walk this planet and spend time inside his head with such thoughts swirling through it every day. It must be an incredibly unhappy, unfulfilled, and deeply troubled individual. While I will not say I am sorry for him, I certainly hope he will seek the mental health services he so greatly needs, as this goes beyond just being bigoted and full of hatred for the LGBT community.

  5. Gregory In Seattle says

    @ESA – I think a better outcome would be for him to be misidentified(?) as gay on one of his many trips to Russia and the Ukraine, and experience these “fake” assaults in live first person. Let him face the outcome of his rhetoric: he might — just might — learn something.

  6. Gregory In Seattle says

    @ESA – I think a better outcome would be for him to be misidentified(?) as gay on one of his many trips to Russia and the Ukraine, and experience these “fake” assaults in live first person. Let him face the outcome of his rhetoric: he might — just might — learn something.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    Here is an interesting issue to address:
    how did this tool become so deranged ?
    How did he become this one-trick-pony ?
    What caused this Sisyphus like wheeling out of the same delusion ?

    No one I have ever heard of [other than severe OCD patients] are so obsessed with a fixation so consuming.
    And the fact that this fixation is exclusively sexual or at least focused on gays must be instructive as to its origin.

    Essentially : what happened to Scott Lively ?
    This is serious and psychotic…….as he is possibly a danger to himself and to others.

  8. Sean in Dallas says

    So if someone attacks him for his anti-gay activism, I’ll be the first to step up and claim it’s a hoax.

    He’s beyond evil.

  9. Hill says

    Incredible evil in this man and yet not a peep from the mainstream media about how he and his cohorts managed to sow the seeds of anti-gay violence and laws in Africa and Russia through christian evangelism. He should actually be in prison for crimes against humanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jexer says

    That Scott Lively continues to draw breath is proof enough that we’re nothing like he describes us to be.

  11. JMC says

    lol um if anti-gay violence is just gay men beating eachother up for show so that we can enjoy the “benefits” of oppression I want to know at what point in my life I drew the short straw that decided I would be the one getting beaten up? lol

    do you guys think he actually believes his crazy conspiracy theories or just makes them up to slander us?

  12. Hill says


    He hates gay people with a passion because he is religious. He thinks we’re from satan or something. It’s not that he believes his lies, but that he thinks gay people need to be liquidated, so the ends justify the means with these types of people.

  13. UFFDA says

    This man is covered in gore, or as D Savage has said of Tony Perkins, his career is built on broken teeth, smashed skulls, homeless youngsters and dead kids. His personal Jesus Christ is a ravening monster.

  14. Bill says

    @JackFknTwist : is there any proof Scott Lively is deranged? To be deranged, he’d actually have to believe the nonsense he spouts. Of course, not being deranged while spouting such harmful garbage, possibly due to being paid for it, is consistent with being a sociopath or even a psychopath.

  15. Geoff says

    Scott Deadly is most likely a flat-earther, a holocaust denier…and believes indentured slaves are a myth, too – because…Jeebus.

  16. Bill says

    @Geoff: it is not necessary to make things up about Mr. Lively as the facts speak for themselves.

    Lively seems to be touting a “theory” some writer came up with claiming that Matthew Shepard was selling drugs and had somehow acquired a large quantity of meth. The standard method of operation of such writers is to beat the bushes and then report whatever would make a book juicy enough for people to buy. I’d imagine after beating the bushes sufficiently he found some guy who claimed that Matthew Shepard was selling drugs – no surprise because if you ask around enough, you’ll end up talking to some people who really should be in mental institutions and who will say anything. The catch that Lively isn’t talking about: usually after a murder, the police are expected to do a thorough investigation, so if there was this dealer-sized stash of meth lying around, why didn’t the police find it? That’s a good question to ask Mr. Lively – sometimes, rather than trash talking, you can simply point out the inadequacy of someone’s attempt at reasoning and really make him look like a fool without having to actually call him a fool.

  17. parkrunner says

    I’m not a violent man; but I seriously want to beat the Hell out of this guy. Then shove a baseball bat in his ass and Instagram the picture.
    I guess I am kinda violent.

  18. Jason B. says

    I came on here to wish that someone would come up behind this man and slide an ice pick into the base of his brain but I see Parkrunner beat me to it. Just because you have all of the physical attributes of a human doesn’t mean you actually are one. Put him down like the rabid dog he is.

  19. SoLeftImRight says

    I don’t support violence against anyone, but I have been driven by an emotional reaction to this filth to truly wish that all of the violence perpetrated on these young men in Russia would be visited tenfold upon Scott Lively.

  20. MajorTom says

    This man is indeed evil. He uses the name of God to justify his hatred and his persecution of innocents, and he’s not above fabricating intricate lies to poison the minds of others. As disturbing as it is to consider the possibility that his homophobia might come from self-loathing due to repressed same-sex attraction, the best thing that could happen is for him to be arrested in a public restroom for hitting on an undercover police officer (in Russia).

  21. LG says

    sadly he gets far too much attention to feed his ego to learn anything
    keep him out of the news for only a week…he´ll still not learn

  22. enchantra says

    I believe in freedom of speech but I would be a liar if I said that I wouldn’t like to see someone beat the crap out of Lively.