Scott Lively Is Nuts

Scott Lively

Which is the correct answer to the question in the headline of his latest hateful blog post, "Am I Nuts, or is Craziness Spreading?"

If you can stomach reading it, the man directly responsible for fomenting hate that led to anti-gay laws in Russia and Uganda, bemoans that homosexualism results in a loss of critical thinking skills, which is why homosexuals – and heterosexual supporters – somehow manage to confuse bigotry as "intolerant" or "hateful."

Clearly homosexualists, "[J]ust can't think straight."

Lively's predictable equations of gay marriage to pederasty, bestaility, polygamy, incest, and the rest make their appearance, followed up with a condemnation of homosexualist insistence – without a shred of evidence – that orientation is an inborn immutable character trait. He seems shocked that homosexualists are unwilling to accept the unreliable testimony of ex-gays over observable biological and psychological facts on this issue.

Lively drives his points home by lastly addressing the "hoaxes" of anti-gay violence, the poster child of which was the murder of Matthew Shepard. The victim role that homosexualists assume is one of paranoia and not based in reality, that disapproval of homosexuality doesn't lead to hatred, violence, or murder

The removal of homosexuality as a mental disorder from the DSM was evidently a mistake that was made by trained psychological professionals, their years of specialized research and education of the human mind and behaviors inferior to the vague prognostications of a con artist.

Perhaps Lively has never heard the old Roman proverb: "Every madman thinks all others insane."


  1. kdknyc says

    Closet case. Deeply closet but closeted. The straight guys I know don’t think so much about the gay. He seems obsessed with it–probably because he isn’t actually doing it. But desperately wants to.

  2. Nick says

    I think the time has come for our own team of Nazi hunters, it’s an idea that’s worked before. These people are immune to facts, science, and reason, and there is really no other way to prevent them from harming millions of people.

  3. JackFknTwist says

    Other than obsess about gay sex all the time does he do any thing in real life ?

    What a way to spend your life……no matter how much he twists the language, the proper word for a bigot is a bigot.

  4. HarleyDog says

    I had never read his autobiography on his website until now. Clearly mental illness runs in his family as he readily admits his father was carted off to a state mental hospital never to be heard from again. His own alcoholism at age 12(!) and later battles with drug addiction, he eventually exchanged those demons for an even more powerful one – religious extremism. I suspect he will one day go completely over the edge and it won’t be pretty. Meanwhile, every time I see his picture my gaydar pings louder than ever.

  5. Martin says

    That man is a terrorist with the blood of many people on his hands. What is being done to ensure that he is tried for crimes against humanity. It does not matter what he says at this point. All that matters is seeking justice within the law over his worldwide hate campaign against INNOCENT gay people.

  6. IInsist says

    I’m with NICK. Nazi hunters please! Or Anti-Gay Hunters maybe as they don’t always self-identify as Nazis, even though they may associate with them or aggree with their methods of dealing with gays.
    Anti-gays are so serious, so relentless and resistent to remedy, and truly, ‘there is really no other way to prevent them from harming millions of people.’

  7. Nat says

    It is troubling that Lively is only getting a great deal of attention now, despite his years of campaigning against gay rights in the rest of the world. I think in the past there has been a tendency to go after low-hanging fruit, e.g. the Westboro Baptists, Pat Robertson, the run-of-the-mill bigot at the expense of genuinely dangerous individuals such as Lively.

  8. Hawthorne says

    I’m at work and shouldn’t look at his website to find the answer, so I’ll ask here … does anyone know if he is married to a woman? Or was married to a woman? Thanks.

  9. Kev C says

    Scott is/was married and has 2 kids. Little is known about his wife since Scott mostly hangs around with pedophiles while travelling the world to look for children to save.

  10. mike/ says

    what the eff is a ‘homosexualist’? even spellcheck doesn’t accept it. and if spellcheck says it doesn’t exist as a word, it doesn’t exist. even Miriam-Webster won’t put it on the regular site. you have to pay for it. Wiki says it is used as a pejorative by ‘certain’ individuals & groups.

    well, actually Gore Vidal invented it. ‘nuf said?

  11. Sean says

    The first time I saw a photo of Scott Lively, he pinged to the heavens. It’s good to know I’m the only one who thinks so.

    Nazi hunters is a great idea; it works both ways, though, unfortunately…

  12. Simonzee says

    If you want to know the mentality of these lefties look at this interview on CNN. Is it a crime to preach your faith when it is in accordance with nature and healthy reproductive values? Apparently so. If you do not agree with left wing values you are a homophobe and extremist. You pick the extremist in this interview at CNN.

  13. Simonzee says

    As lefty extremists love labelling people homophobes an adequate and more realistic and justifyable label for homosexual activists would be naturephobes. After all nature has a reasonable morality that has be regular and depenfable to the species for millions of years. Humankind however always knows better. NOT!

  14. Alan says


    I’ll pretend you’re not a troll.

    There are tons of animals exhibiting homosexual behavior in nature, and yet all of their species survive. Just because a small amount of humans are gay and others accept it doesn’t mean other will turn gay or straight people will stop having kids. Try coming up with an actual argument next time instead of the tired old anti-gay lies.

  15. Alan says

    And the extremist is Scott Lively. He compares gay people to pederasts and zoophiles and thinks they should be imprisoned or killed for being who they are. Calling him a homophobe and an extremist isn’t name calling, it’s telling it like it is.

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