Senate Republicans Kill LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill in Utah

Senate Republicans in Utah killed an LGBT non-discrimination bill on Wednesday afternoon that would have prohibited housing and employment bias against gays and lesbians, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

SteveSenate leaders had said repeatedly they didn’t want to consider any bills affecting gay and lesbian issues while the state is appealing a federal judge’s ruling overturning Utah’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Votes in the GOP caucus are supposed to be secret, but sources confirmed that [Sen. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George] was the only vote in favor of hearing the bill this session. Urquhart said Wednesday he didn’t ask leadership to take the vote.

The bill had "broad public backing" according to the paper.


  1. Hey Darlin' says

    Not surprising.

    The new obstructive politics isn’t one of action, but of delay. If you are opposed to a bill but your bigotry has become unfashionable, then delay delay delay.

    The main problem the Republican party will continue to experience is that the American public is too intelligent today for political delay tactics to seem anything other than poor use of political funds.

  2. Lymis says

    Yeah, that’s the way to show that there’s no anti-gay animus and that the LGBT citizens of Utah can just use the normal legislative process to get their needs met!

  3. Jim says

    The Republican Tea Bagger neo-confederate gang-of-thugs party gets more repulsive day by day. Even in Utah, the reign of demagogues is limited. Tea Bagger Republicans will rue the day they decided to be the anti-gay party. It’s a party with a past but no future.

  4. Steve says

    It didn’t have the backing of the Mormon cult. There are plenty of examples of bills that were opposed by politicians until the cult gave its ok. Then they suddenly changed their opinion.

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