Sochi Olympic Village Mayor: Protesting Does Not ‘Make Sense’


Svetlana Zhurova, former Olympic champion and mayor of Sochi's mountain Olympic village, is calling for no protests at the upcoming Games, Reuters reports:

Says Zhurova:

"I have never seen (this) at any Olympic Games and I would call on the people who are going to protest, that it doesn't make sense…For the spectators, it is more important who wins than whether he or her is homosexual or not…We are all participants of the Games and we are going to applaud the straight people and the homosexuals just like the previous Olympic Games."

You may recall that Zhurova recently appeared on Russia TV defending the ban on 'gay propaganda':

 “I just think they shouldn’t show a cartoon on TV — excuse me, I have two boys — where a king loves another king.”


  1. jmartindale says

    She is trying to cement the image of the dumb blonde. Who “wins” a little prize is one of the least important issues in life. How people are treated, and the respect owed to people is something of significance.

  2. Josh M. says

    “Does not make sense” to someone who has a vested interest in not getting it. “When an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.” –Bayard Rustin

  3. JackFknTwist says

    Dear Svet,

    Oh sweet Jesus, next thing you’ll be telling us that some of your best friends are gay.
    Phuck off, Svet.
    The Rest of the World.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    Change your laws and we won’t protest.

    Stop trying to associate gays with paedophilia and we won’t protest.

    Get into the modern world and we’ll have nothing to protest about.

  5. alguien says

    oh girl, it’s gone well beyond gay rights anymore. you & your friends in russia have managed to piss off pretty much everyone at this point, from environmentalists to animal rights groups. these games are already distinguished by being the most expensive ever produced (probably has a teensy bit to do w/ having a winter sports event at a summer resort), for being a hot bed for organized crime, for going well beyond inconveniencing sochi residents by cutting them off from basic municipal services like water & power AND for, according to vanity fair, having tourist establishments with the most notoriously bad service in eastern europe.

    the gay rights issue is now just one of many reasons people should stay away from that shite hole.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    Russia is notorious for paying off IOC officials – that’s HOW they got the hosting prize. The IOC officials need to be exposed. Start fine-toothing their bank accounts, financials, and expensive gifts. If you can prove even one of them accepted payola we can expose and destroy the present board of the IOC and force the Olympics be overseen by an honest group of people.

  7. Hue-Man says

    Here’s the wiki page on the non-controversies and non-protests at Vancouver 2010. Do they not have the tubes of the Interwebs in Sochi? Have they forgotten the boycott of the Moscow games or is that irrelevant because that was a different country – USSR?

  8. shapeshifter says

    Amen, JackFknTwist :-)

    I would add:
    Stop baiting us.
    Stop hunting us.
    Stop humiliating, torturing, mutilating, and murdering us.

    THEN we’ll stop protesting. [Imagine] They’re doing all this to us, and according to them, THEY’RE the victims of our protesting/complaining. What if we did those same things back?!

  9. says

    One very simple thing I’d like for you to understand Svetlana. And you can pass it on to whomever.

    You picked the wrong victim. This is a battle you will never win. We’re through with hiding and laying down to the abuses of the past.

  10. Mark Twain says

    A very large, third world, arrierated country, exporting nothing but hydrocarbons and bigotry, with a history made of extreme violence, mass assassinations, pogroms, state made starvations, deportations, coups, dominated by alcoholism and the orthodox church (whichever is more lethal) and still armed with THOUSANDS nukes.