1. Dave C. says

    Reading their words I see basically projection. They are the ones who would skirt the constitution, ignore the laws regarding freedom of and from religion to uphold their small minded world views. So they describe the President as doing the same but from a different view point. It would just be pathetic except for the fact they have such a large audience to poison the public discourse with.

  2. jmartindale says

    And they continue to repeat the lies. Attorneys General around the country have NOT refused to enforce the laws. They have refused to DEFEND the laws in court. That is a big difference. The laws remain on the books. The laws continue to be enforced. If the courts decide that the laws are unconstitutional, then unless the decision is somehow reversed, that becomes the rule of law.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    WaaaaWaaaa…Waaaah. Like these are remotely impeachable offenses. It’s so satisfying to watch these people squirm as their personal end of days approaches… and it’s going to be the rapture only for the rest of us.

    I’m all for cancelling religion in general. Good point @Steve, religious freedom IS an oxymoron (are these made specifically FOR morons?).

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    It won’t help your lie much but there is a truth out there.

    A state can’t set up it’s own laws to “specifically skirt the constitution”. It is allowed powers to govern itself but only as long as those powers don’t violate the federal constitution in doing so.

    Not to mention, setting up a second class of state citizens who are obligated to follow a different set of rules is the antithesis to equality.

  5. anon says

    Who are these guys and why should we care. You can dig up anything if you look hard enough. Every president gets impeachment petitions against him, at least since Nixon, and it actually goes back to Wilson, though he arrested people who called for his impeachment(!). There were many, many people on the left that wanted Bush II impeached and tried for war crimes, but that didn’t happen. It’s the most desperate form of political wish fulfillment out there, a pure exercise in fantasy thinking.

  6. Bill says

    @anon : there were far better grounds for impeaching Bush – such as the lies to congress about weapons of mass destruction that got us into an unnecessary war that sent trillions of dollars down the tube.

    But to impeach Obama because his Attorney General (and other state-level ones) don’t want to waste the taxpayer’s dollars by mounting a defense in court when they know they will almost certainly lose? Now that really is crazy.

    If you look at the data, the fiscally conservative elected officials are mostly Democrats.

  7. emjayay says

    About a month ago the message went out from the head Republican wordsmith that the new focus group approved word for the president was “lawless”. Hence, suddenly lawless, lawless, lawless, although the last time anyone heard that word was in western movies or something.

    Apparently these guys don’t understand that when the legal handwriting is on the wall government legal departments often use their discretion to stop throwing good money after bad. (Yes, two cliches in on sentence, thank you!)

  8. Mykelb says

    Moron RWNJs never have and never will understand how their own government works. Obama is the Chief Executive, not the Chief Justice. Morons with nothing to do but lie to their moron minions.

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