1. EchtKultig says

    Sorry but in general I abhor the intellectual sloppiness of conflating anything that men do together as being a little gay. It just makes us look like…tween girls or something. Would someone show a scene from a war movie of a man carrying another man, then cut to an intertitle saying: “war – it’s always been a little gay”? However given the circumstances, I could almost give this a pass if it had been a bit more clever, but it wasn’t.

  2. GregV says


    The images went right over my head the first time I watched this; I didn’t imagine the luge was chosen specifically other than that it was an image connected to the Olympics,
    Once I read your comment, I see your point.
    Images like two guys riding a sled (or tandem skydiving or riding in the same car or eating dinner) should not be twisted into a “gay” thing (unless those two guys happen to be in love).

  3. NealB says

    What difference if we joke about two guys on a sled as being a little gay? Truly, what difference does it make? Are we so far out of bounds with this, worried we might hurt some nervous straight guy’s feelings? Honestly, it’s just a fun observation: two guys in skin-tight clothing pumping up for a race down a long, twisty hill together nut-to-butt, as it were, the whole way sure does look a little gay. It’s funny. I’m astounded at the lack of a sense of humor by some here on this. Sheeez.

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