Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1512

DEER RESCUE: "Two deer which fell into a frozen river were saved by hunters in north-western Poland). According to members of the hunting circle 'Swit' in Dybowo (north-western Poland) two deer were trying to cross the frozen river of Parseta while runing away from dogs. The ice broke and the animals fell into the river. They could not get out because of ice. The rescue operation was organized by town guards of Dygowo and members of the hunting circle 'Swit'. Both deer survived and are at liberty in forests."

NBC: All visitors to Sochi Olympics immediately hacked.

MCDONALDS: McNuggets are only slightly less disgusting than you thought.

ALYSSA EDWARDS: The sizzle reel for Drag Race contestant's possible show.

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  1. AriesMatt says

    Glad I watched that McNugget video, as I LOVE them and now won’t feel so bad about eating them. And no, I don’t blog for McD’s. I actually eat pretty healthy and McNuggets are a lot better than most of the crap people eat these days.

  2. Robert says

    McNuggets aren’t great, but they are relatively low in carbs and the chicken quality is ok…at least as chickens go. I do think they’re the best thing McDonald’s has, besides their underrated salads. And yeah, they seem FAR less processed than some of the nuggets you get even in the grocery store. Half the time those taste like cigarettes, too.

  3. graphicjack says

    Any bet that those lovely hackers in Russia, aside from wanting your bank info and other data, are also looking for gay people who try to communicate with each other? How is it “gay propaganda” when someone steals private conversations off your phone and computers? I would never in a million years visit Russia now and I am very worried for gay visitors and residents in Sochi.

  4. Randy says

    Not really getting the positive press for Putin sponsor McDonald’s. Some consistency on this site would be welcome.

    Perhaps you can tell us about Chick-fil-A waffle fries, Andy.

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