1. robertL says

    “Freedom of Religion” does not mean freedom from taxes. Start making the churches pay and watch their tunes change. They are already involved in politics so they need to pay for their freedom to discriminate.

  2. NotSafeForWork says

    Tennessee. The state that apparently has nothing better to do.

    @SPG^ Some of them still look for them and wonder where they went.

  3. stranded says

    They should also include in the bill a stipulation that to enforce this legislation, the business owner must prove that they follow all the biblical dictates of Jesus completely to the letter. For example, to give up all their possessions and live a life of poverty, service and charity for their one true lord. Only by religious purity tests could we ever determine the righteous bigots from the run-of-the-mill pretend-Christianistas.

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    Discrimination is discrimination and legalized discrimination is not different.

    This opens the floodgates for religion on religion discrimination. Muslim Americans can now say they would like a law stating they don’t have to serve Christians. Those of the Jewish faith can turn away those who don’t adhere to clauses within their religion. Catholics should be allowed to turn away divorcees.

    See how that sounds?

    Yeah, so do we.

  5. Rrhain says

    Given the recent passage in Kansas of the same bill, how can anybody deny that sexual orientation demands strict scrutiny when it comes before the courts?

  6. says

    The ignorance astounds. Can Kelsey really be that obtuse?

    Carte blance to discriminate as long as it’s claimed as religion.
    Open ended, undefined. No litmus test.

    All around the country these type bills have been introduced. By Republicans. And not one word of dissent from the National or State GOP. And where are the Church leaders to speak out?

    Time to reign in the lunacy.

  7. jed says

    where’s his bill allowing businesses to refuse service to divorcees or to people cohabitating out of wedlock? those are against his religion too. how about people who are on their second marriage (coveting their neighbour’s wife) or people who swear (taking their lord’s name in vain), where’s his bill against them?

  8. Mike Ryan says

    If you’re gay and you live in Tennessee then vote this idiot out of office as quickly as possible. This is not the kind of representation you want or need. The choice is yours.

  9. Vicki Sue Robinson says

    Turn the gays away?
    That’s discrimination!
    We’re not scared of you
    No intimidation!

  10. Gordon says

    It has already been stated by another poster, but should this bill be passed and accepted into law it will not be long before “christians” go back to being Klansmen and be protected in their negative behavior. Discrimination against Jewish, Blacks, Gays, divorcees, and slavery are all up for “acceptance” to be protected by law (plus some other less savory parts of the “christian” bible). EWWW.. makes me even less willing to have anything to do with them. If my religion says to not serve or have anything to do with “christians”, and that is protected by this law too, right?

  11. Gregory In Seattle says

    When the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments prohibited slavery and (in theory, anyway) made US law race-blind, many state went ahead and passed laws enforcing segregation. These “turn the gays away” laws are no different: the last, desperate deathrattle of bigots who know their worldview will soon end up on the rubbish pile of history.

    It may take a generation or two before everything settles out, but equality will win out in the end.

  12. Cooper Barrier Bailey says

    What world have I awoken in? What year is it? Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? No, this is an unbelievable, ridiculous reality. This is not only happening right now in Tennessee but in other states like Kansas as well ( …

    So, Kansas and Tennessee, you’re telling us that if the Tennessee Titans or The Kansas City Chiefs draft Michael Sam (The first openly gay player to enter the NFL Draft and potentially play in the NFL …… He is going to face being turned away from accommodations, goods and services because of his same-sex sexual orientation. Really? The same guy that was the best defensive player in the best conference in college football this year. Really? Have all of you lost your F@@King minds? Stop wasting taxpayer’s time and money and get on with some business that will directly improve our lives immediately in these very trying economic times.

    If I were gay and preferred the mental and physical companionship of a man over a woman, would some of you de-friend me? Block me from contact? Not do business me or my companies? Not like me any longer? Not love me? If so, do it now without reading any further! Go ahead… Do it! I am not scared of anything in this life! Much less the loss of money, clients, business associates, acquaintances or fake, superficial friendship or love from family or so-called true friends.

    However, I am not gay. I actually love women to a fault. I love every inch of them mentally and physically. I love them in every shape, size, color, creed and sexual orientation. And yes, I do hope that one day in the future, I hear from a woman,”Cooper, out of 8 billion people, I choose you.” However, I am especially fond of those that are kind, gracious, with supermodel looks and a PhD brain( a doctorate usually based on at least 3 years graduate study and a dissertation; the highest degree awarded graduate study) … Hence… The reason I am still single at 44… There is just not an abundance of my preference in women on earth. She is very rare and special species that I shall spend this lifetime trying to find if that is what it takes. I would just as sure take my last dying breath alone as to have settled.

    With that being said, a Bill like this leaves a lot of room for interpretation. It gives businesses the right to discriminate without legal repercussions. It is hurtful to a segment of our population that has simply been through enough. The gay community has a very high suicidal rate. I have personally known a few friends to take their own lives due to the internal struggles and lack of acceptance. Therefore, these governmental officials supporting this hurtful Bill should be ashamed of their actions. Any of you out there supporting it as well (while claiming your religious beliefs as the reason) should be very ashamed as well. Because, the one resounding theme by that man called Jesus, was the love and forgiveness of all people not matter what! (Yes, I went to church most of my life and yes I’ve had five to ten religion classes on the university level)

    In 1991, I was going through a hippie stage while in college at the University of Mississippi ~ Ole Miss, and living in Alaska for a summer. I was visiting Prince William Sound on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula. In 1989, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef after leaving Valdez, causing a large oil spill, which resulted in massive damage to the environment, including the killing of around 250,000 seabirds, nearly 3,000 sea otters, 300 harbour seals, 250 bald eagles and up to 22 killer whales. I walked into a store and saw this t-shirt with a picture of the earth on the front of it. The picture was taken from outer space. The earth looked so small from way out there. I will never forget the tagline under the photo… “All One People” …

    Cooper Barrier Bailey
    Founder of
    Founder of the Bon Vivant Society
    Founder of Hydration Therapy

    PO Box 331909
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    (615) 602-2243

  13. emjayay says

    Yup. And Woolworth’s lunch counters owned by Mormons shouldn’t have had to serve black people.

  14. TG says

    Unabashed Bashing

    Brian Kelsey parades his gay bashing,
    As noble, newsworthy and dashing,
    But does this the issue,
    Really help you,
    Who’s taxes fund paychecks he’s cashing?

  15. TG says

    Unabashed Bashing

    Brian Kelsey parades his gay bashing,
    As noble, newsworthy and dashing,
    But does this the issue,
    Really help you,
    While your taxes fund paychecks he’s cashing?