Two Senegalese Men Get 6 Months in Prison for Being Gay

SenegalTwo men in Senegal were sentenced to six months in prison each, for being gay, the AP reports:

The two were arrested after neighbors alerted police to their home in Grand Medine neighborhood of Dakar, the capital.

In court Friday the two men acknowledged having sex. Judge Racky Deme sentenced them under Senegal's penal code that calls for prison sentences of up to five years and fines of up to $3,000 for committing "an improper or unnatural act with a person of the same sex."

Last June, President Obama visited Senegal on a trip to Africa and spoke out about the country's criminalization of homosexuality.

Said Obama: "People should be treated equally."

President Mack Sall of Senegal replied: “We are still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality. I’ve already said it in the past. We’re still not ready to change the law. This does not mean that we are all homophobic.”

That position was echoed by Senegal's Justice Minister Sidiki Kaba in September.

In November, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that persecuted gays in Uganda, Senegal, and Sierra Leone have grounds for asylum in the European Union.


  1. Bill says

    @Louis: From (U.S. Department of State) –

    U.S. Assistance to Senegal

    U.S. assistance seeks to increase the professionalism and capacity of the Senegalese Armed Forces, as well as to support increased agricultural production, improved health care, and better basic education. U.S. assistance also aims to help consolidate democratic outcomes resulting from Senegal’s 2012 presidential and legislative elections, while continuing to support Senegal’s efforts in anti-corruption, transparency, and good governance.

    Total assistance is around $700 million:

  2. Rowan says


    An intense obsession with actually following a really, really, really old book to the letter that no one has proof is even real.

    And the oldest one in the book-poverty and power. When you have deep poverty in a country and you are trying to control with all power, you need a scapegoat-homosexuality; the boogey man for straight men and women.

  3. Islam Shall Rule says

    The Islamic warriors of Africa don’t need your racist western financial support. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and and all UAE will supply the assistance. Russia, India and China are worth far more income than the u.s. and e.u.
    We shall establish the Khilafah soon enough and you will encounter a new Sulieman to slaughter your weakling armies and cowardly citizens. You have no future. The Ummah shall dominate the world, starting with Africa, Gambia boldly leading the way.
    Truly, death to america, death to the eu.

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