1. David C says

    Well, Well.

    I just left a comment about the Democrats defense of late-term abortions in Texas on another story and lo-and-behold: the newest story posted is about the woman herself: Abortion Wendy.

    It seems that having as one’s claim to fame the defense of baby-killing isn’t the best basis for a run for Texas governor after all. So she must now appeal to the gays to save her.

    QUESTION: Will the gay people of Texas care more about the unborn babies (20+ weeks) that Davis cares nothing about, or will they care more about themselves?

  2. says

    Oddly, the Ellen Page speech (which was beautiful) has disappeared from Towleroad.

    Wendy Davis, refreshing sanity from a sanity-deprived Texas. Her colleagues may not catch up for another couple of decades, but the marriage bans aren’t going to get more constitutional with time.

  3. Randy says

    I see zero videos after the jump.

    What are the direct links, or at least the name of the publisher(s)?

  4. OddBet says

    More than 90% of late term abortions are performed because a critical birth defect has been discivered, and many of the tests to detect these defects cannot be conducted until 20 weeka. But hey, David, don’t let these facts get in the way of your psychotic need to have your hands in every woman’s uterus.

    This is all without mentioning that Davis is opposed to late term abortions and supported the recent iteration of the legislation. So congrats on your critical thinking skills beginning and ending with Fox News talking points.

  5. says

    As a gay man, I don’t give two shits about the abortion debate, so I won’t be drawn into it by the trolls who are posting here on that topic. I encourage you all to not feed the troll with your comments.

  6. says

    I have some hope for the David campaign. However, I’m not a fan of Davis’s pandering to the small-penis-big-gun crowd by announcing her support of open carry laws in Texas.

    Juanita Jean says it way better than I can:

    “Let me tell you one thing. Given a choice between a Real Republican and a Democrat who talks like a Republican, Republicans will pick the Real Republican every damn time. And your base Democrats will stay at home. I have statistics to prove that. As Paul Begala says, “Texas is not a Republican state. Texas is a non voting state.” And the non voters are Democrats who have had nothing to vote for. Wendy Davis did not get national attention by pandering to Republican voters. She got it by talking to the base.

  7. tinkerbelle says

    As there is no post at this moment on Ellen Page, can we talk about this? Normally her acting annoys the hell out of me, but I don’t think I have ever been so moved by a speech, and a coming-out, as this. This is an Oscar winner, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I have just said to a friend that every man, woman and child on this earth should be required to see this speech. Beautiful, beautiful. Check out Randy’s link. See it. I will also be paying to see every film Ms. Page makes from this moment on.

  8. MIke says

    As a Texan I assure you if the Texas Democrats ever thought Greg Abbott had a serious chance of being defeated they would have removed Wendy Davis by now and substituted a candidate who had a fighting chance. At this point they’re just hoping he makes a ablate Williams rape joke. And she is no Ann Richards and I bet she’d still lose.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    @ Mike

    What other Texas democrat has a national following and wide spread name recognition? She’ll have all the money she needs to run a vigorous campaign and will get 100% support from the DNC.

    I guarantee you she’ll fair better than former Houston mayor Bill White did 4 years ago against Rick Perry.

  10. MIke says


    One of the Castro brothers, the Congressman or the Mayor from San Antonio. Wendy Davis doesn’t have a chance in hell. The simple truth is Obama is so unpopular here that they’re not going to waste a future Democrat serious contender on this governor’s race at this moment in time. Greg Abbott is unbeatable.

  11. says

    Enacting laws banning gay marriage were the whim of the conservatives in the 90’s in Texas and other states so it seems Abbot speaks from a position of typical republicans, shooting off ones mouth without researching the facts on the issue.

  12. Dave says

    Sorry to say that Wendy Davis has zero chance of winning here in Texas. Abbott is going to win by a wide margin.

    They call her “Abortion Barbie” down here, that pretty much sums up how republicans play in these parts.