What To Watch This Week on TV: Fall In Love With ‘Broad City,’ Learn More ‘About A Boy’ – VIDEO

— We have officially fallen in love with Broad City from Upright Citizens Brigade alums Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Though it was Amy Poehler's endorsement that first got our attention (she's the executive producer), the show's leads won us over with their ability to be the butt of the joke while still being the smartest people in the room. Check out their latest skewering of New York City hipster nonsense Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on Comedy Central.

— Star of American Hustle Amy Adams sits down with James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Bravo. We're not sure how many of his questions for the five-time Academy Award nominee will be about working with the Muppets, but hopefully we'll get some behind-the-scenes dirt on Piggy and the gang.



— NBC seems determined to make David Walton happen. After previous outings Bent and Perfect Couples were wiped from the schedule, Walton's back starring in About A Boy. Yes, it's based on the Hugh Grant movie (and Nick Hornby novel), but don't poo-poo it just yet. Producer Jason Katims also adapted Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, so there may be hope for it yet. It premieres Saturday at 11 p.m. Eastern on NBC.



— Can Looking maintain the momentum coming off Sunday's stellar episode? The sixth installment, "Looking In the Mirror," finds Patrick (Jonathan Groff) introducing Richie (Raúl Castillo) to his friends. Dom (Murray Bartlett) also gets closer to Lynn (Scott Bakula), Sunday at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on HBO.


  1. Breck Roy McAlester says

    Wasn’t the (very good) book ABOUT A BOY about a gay man? Who was then made straight in the film? From the looks of things, it seems he’s being made straight in the sitcom, too. I may check it out, because it looks a bit charming, but I certainly don’t think it needs promotion on Towleroad.

  2. says

    I think Fallon was the worst choice to replace Leno, another poor choice to begin with. Carson has to be spinning in his grave. Fallon just grates me in the wrong way. I don’t find him funny or charming or bright. I was hoping when Leno left that we’d get a Carson-comparable replacement but NBC has screwed up again. “About a Boy?” No interest. The kid doesn’t appeal to me although the actor does. The actor has been on several failed sitcoms and I see this sitcom and just another one of those failed programs.

  3. Mike says

    Perfect Couples was horrible. Bent was great, though. I’ll give About a Boy a try. Walton’s pretty charming.

  4. J Lee Cline says

    Jimmy Fallon will do just fine, he is the voice of his era. He is a great performer and creates a great attitude with the show.

  5. TonyC says

    I finally gave into “Girls” on hbo and ” Looking” the two shows had back to back blowjobs.. Looking needs to trash the first five episodes and start it with episode six. There was more info in that 25 minutes then the first five episodes

  6. Mike says

    Fine MIKE RYAN, we get it, you do not like Jimmy Fallon. (Now you can put a notch on your gun.) Go away now. We know that he is good. He just MAY be great. Maybe, just maybe, even better then Carson. Maybe not. More important, give him a chance and let us decide for ourselves . . .

  7. steve talbert says

    Broad City is NOT about hipsters. It’s a female Workaholics. At best I’d call them drug addled delusional slacker losers. But that’s why its funny.

  8. steve talbert says

    Whereas Workaholics is The Three Stooges meets The Office, Broad City is a demented Laverne and Shirley

  9. FFS says

    Jimmy can’t have serious guests on to discuss serious topics without shining a glaring spotlight on how completely and woefully uninformed he really is.

    The last time he had Rachel Maddow on, that segment was literally cringe-inducing. He actually blurted out, “Man, I love Chris Christie! Love that guy!” when Rachel segued into her discussion of Christie’s gross abuse of power scandal.

    F ucking dolt.