1. Ossor says

    Funny and apt comparison.

    Ummm… Is this old tho? Cuz Michael Steele was RNC chairman several years ago; Reince Priebus was already the chairman in the 2012 elections. And it mentioned Charlie Crist as governor; Rick Scott took over in 2011.

  2. Anthony says

    I could not watch the video, as it’s lead photo is ugly and sick. I assume it is another mockery of Pres. Reagan. As a gay conservative man I find the gesture offensive and not necessary. Please do not disparage Republicans in a knee-jerk fashion as many in the GOP are actually kind and welcoming of LGBT persons. We should not be defined by political party but by our individual characters.

  3. Travis says

    Okay, Anthony. That’s great, so when do you think the GOP’s going to realize how gay-friendly, like you somehow know they are, and stop blockading anything remotely gay-friendly? Hmmm?

    Oh, and while we’re at it, when are they going to realize how pro-woman, pro-worker, and pro-immigration reform they are too? I know its in their black little hearts somewhere. Gee, gosh, they sure are misunderstood!

  4. Anthony says

    Pro-women: GOP would save millions of unborn girls.
    Pro-immigration: GOP favors immigration reform but need to secure borders first. See Marco Rubio.
    Pro worker: GOP wants to roll back ObamaCare.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “GOP would save millions of unborn girls.”

    And then when those girls become women, treat them like broodmares, not allowing them to control their own bodies and forcing them to gestate.

  6. Sam says

    Ronald Reagan is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of gay Americans for his inaction during the height of the AIDS crisis. I’m glad reanimation isn’t possible because I would hate for anyone to pluck his unholy soul from hell to bring him back to life.

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