1. Sergio says

    I’ve never been one to kiss on a whim – if I kiss someone, it’s always in the context of a relationship – so this made me feel uncomfortable.

  2. BrokebackBob says

    Very sweet and completely real. Many men can save themselves and love each other.

  3. says

    As this clip was funded by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, I find it incredibly stupid they did not add a safe sex message to the end of the video. As it is, the clip is just more internet flotsom, big today, forgotten tomorrow. A TOTALLY MISSED MOMENT

  4. John says

    The men were chosen by a woman, likely a lesbian. If a gay men had picked them they would have been hotter and it would have been much more compelling to watch. 80% were very average in looks. Sorry to be so shallow. I didn’t care to see it through.

  5. Deles says

    Loved it! Reminds me of dancefloor kisses with complete strangers back in my party days. Lovely.

    But I hate, hate, hate the idea expressed in some comments that all gay men have to look like Sean Cody models for something to be watchable. Let’s celebrate our freakin’ diversity and acknowledge that desire and intimacy take a whole range of forms. I loves me some Sean Cody from time to time, but thank Godess that we aren’t all cookie-cutter, generic reproductions of just one idea of sexy.

  6. Bryan says

    I like that the participants were all not model pretty, at least under standard Western definitions of beauty. But I don’t get why kissing between complete strangers should be compelling on its own. I’d rather watch first kisses that are actual first kisses for two people who like each other and have never kissed yet. Or first kisses between platonic friends. Or…something. I don’t know. Kissing only seems interesting when it has emotional stakes behind it of some kind.

  7. DW says

    Paul, thank you for sharing “Le Baiser”! I wasn’t familiar with it. Were the couples also strangers? Very sexy. (Big thumbs-up to the guys at 4:45!)

  8. Chuck Mielke says

    I got a big kick out of the couple where the one says, “I shaved this morning” and the other fellow says, “Where?” The look of perplexed surprise on the “shaved” guy’s face is priceless.