1. Mark says

    I don’t mean to be transgender insensitive, but isn’t this the gender transition of her mother? I don’t understand how this can be represented as her father transitioning, since it isn’t. Is it offensive to say that this is still her mother, who has transitioned to male, and even so is still her mother?

  2. 604brian says

    This looks incredibly interesting. It sounds like they have handled a difficult topic with some authenticity. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Daniel Villarreal says

    Hey Mark,

    Good question! It’s one I had to consider myself while writing this. It is customary to refer to one by their preferred or self-chosen gender identity, even if they’re in the process of transitioning.

    That is, if a person is transitioning from a biological female to a male, then that person most likely already self-identifies as male, as is merely going through a physical transition to reflect that. Thus, we respect that person by referring to them as a male and using their chosen name, gender and pronouns.

    Journalists would only ever refer to a male-identified trans person as a woman or by their female birth name (like Bradley Manning) when describing how the person was known before their transition. But once a person decides to start transitioning, it’s best to refer to them using their preferred identity.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. tomkitten says

    Mothers provide ova, and, usually, gestation. Fathers provide sperm, and, often, little else. James, regardless of his gender, is still Billie’s mom.

    More confusing to me than this issue though, is, has the movie been completed? If James “will be played by Del…” who is playing James NOW?

  5. Gregory in Seattle says

    @tomkitten – By your reasoning, an adoptive parent could never be someone’s mother or father. Being a father means far more than being a sperm donor.

  6. Don says

    As a gay adoptive parent, I believe this whole issue would be avoided by just using the non-gender specific role name of “parent”. I think we get a little too hung up on the “mom” vs. “dad” labels.

  7. MaryM says

    Gregory in Seattle – there is a difference between a birth mother and an adoptive mother.

    A birth mother gets pregnant and gives birth to a child. That child also has a birth father (and sometimes an adoptive father).

    This man is the girl’s mother. He is not the father and never will be.

    And is he gay or bi?

    If not then why is this of relevance to the LGB community.

    It’s time to drop the T. I wish the T community well on THEIR journey. However their journey is not the LGB journey.

    Whoever decided to create this LGBT moniker took a decision that is doing nobody any favours.

  8. Thedrdonna says

    @MaryM: this isn’t your site. The owners of the site want this content here, regardless of your anti-trans prattling, and so it does in fact belong here.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    A Transgender person is whatever the they tell you they are. Do want people demanding that you idenditfy as a faggot?

  10. Thedrdonna says

    I do kind of love to see bigots twisting themselves into pretzels. Who’d have ever thought I’d hear gay people (person?) trying to define who someone based solely on their role in sex as a procreative act. Has anyone used the word “complementarity” yet?

  11. Mark says

    Thank you Daniel for the explanation, I generally have no issues whatsoever for “sister” to become “brother”, or “son” to become “daughter” as part of transition. there’s something about “mother” being referred to as “father” that is just confusing because she actually *has* a single person that is her father, and this person isn’t him. it’s her mother going through the transition to male, even if he always felt male.

    The adoptive parents example is helpful, in that I can see a person having a set of parents that may not be singular “mother” and “father”

    I should say all this doesn’t make me angry or anything, or demand that it’s wrong. I was just wondering about whether the lanaguage in cases of mother/father were unique, because of the confusion it causes in the description of the scenario.

  12. Frank says

    This parent was the mother and it may be the story of a FTM and that person’s transition but that person is still the mother-

  13. Jack says

    Dan Villarreal, as long as you are reading the comments, please know that you are a vile person who is responsible for stoking antigay hatred in Russia, Latvia, and Uganda. Can’t wash that blood off your hands, Dan.

  14. MaryM says

    I know it’s not my site.

    But my opinion that T issues should be separated from LGB issues is my opinion and I am free to express that.

    And it is an opinion that is shared by many LGB people (and we all not all aliases of Rick.)

    Like I said I support the T’s in THEIR fight. It is not my fight.